How to Write a Good Story

Write a Good Story

For a new writer, it is almost an impossible task to create an amazing story at the first attempt. It seems that everything has already been discussed, all characters have already been created and all the scenarios have already been played. Luckily, there are some really practical skills for an inexperienced author to use the talent on the paper.

Creating Stories from the Scratch

1. Develop writing skills

No story will be good without correct grammar, spelling, syntaxes and stylistic notions. Even though you have a great imagination and an indestructible desire to write, you must be sure that you formulate your thoughts in an appropriate way. Consult dictionaries that are now easily accessible online, do grammar exercises, ask your professors for the particular advice and, in general, practice writing skills. It will increase your word stock and help you become more fluent.

2. Think of a story line

For your story to be coherent and absorbing, you should create an outline before beginning writing. You should know how your plot will develop, what main events will wait the reader during reading and most importantly how it will end. Remember, the plot is formed during writing, while a story line is preplanned in advance.

3. Invent the main heroes

Think of the people (or some other creatures) for whom you are making the story. Your characters must be natural and be thought-out quite well. For this, it is recommended to put yourself on the character’s place. Think what you would think, feel, do and how you would react to certain events. It is not only you who can be a prototype of the hero but also your friends, relatives and strangers whom you may find interesting.

4. Design a location

Think of a place where the action will take place. That is one of the most significant parts of the story as you decide the entire setting. Whether it will be medieval times or future world – only your imagination is the limit. It is recommended to take notes whenever you see something inspiring, as nobody knows where you will meet your muse.

5. Forget about everything

There is a disastrous “illness” that a lot of authors suffer from – writer block. In order to avoid this inability to think about the story, you are advised to take a break and distract yourself from the writing process. You should try doing something else, for example, painting, working out, reading, etc. When going for a walk, not only will you rest from your story, but also find some inspiring notions that you will definitely like to use in your piece of writing.

6. Be a reader

Nobody has ever began writing decent stories without reading enough of the stories by other authors. You are not asked to copy everything word to word, but there are definitely some good ideas that you would like to use in your own masterpiece. However, do not limit yourself with only one genre. If you want to expand your horizons – read a lot of diverse literature.