Ways to Increase iOS Productivity

Increase iOS Productivity

According to a recent study, an average person spends about 3 hours every day on their smartphone. But this time can be actually shorter if you know the quickest way to perform operations on your cell phone. It might surprise you, but you can actually use 3D Touch and Long Press to boost your iOS productivity and become more organized. Ready to save you time on your iOS device? Then read on!

#1: View Recent Contacts. If you want to find the recent contact quicker, you can just 3D Touch the Messages icon. It will allow you to skip a couple of additional taps you usually make.

#2: View Most Recent Voicemail. 3D Touch will also help you quickly access the most recent voicemail on your phone.

#3: Share Your Location. If you need to share your location, you can use 3D Touch for that as well. All you need to do is to 3D Touch the Maps icon and choose “Send My Location.”

#4: Move the Cursor. If you’re having troubles placing the cursor in the right position using a text editor, just 3D Touch the keyboard on your screen. After that, it won’t take any pain to place the cursor at any position you need.

#5: Set Timers. Using 3D Touch, you can set the timer at any time you need, whether it is 1 minute or 1 hour. And you won’t even have to open the app for that!

#6: Choose the Right Camera Mode. If you use 3D Touch on your camera icon, it allows you to choose between the normal mode, regular video, slow motion, or selfie.

#7: Use Calculator Memory. Using 3D Touch on the Calculator icon on your iOS device, you can easily get the last result from your calculator without even having to enter the Calculator app again.

#8: Change the Flashlight Brightness.Sometimes when you need to use the flashlight on your device, you want it to be less bright. 3D Touch can help you with that, allowing you to choose different modes.

#9: Close All Browser Tabs. If you have countless tabs opened on your browser, you can easily close them all if you just Long Press the Tabs icon.

#10: Request the Desktop Site. If you need to access a desktop version of a site, you can Long Press on the Reload icon and choose Request Desktop Site. Easy-peasy!

#11: Access Your Drafts. Long Press on the Compose icon in Apple Mail and you will immediately access your drafts.

#12: Delete OR Archive. If you Long Press the Archive icon, you may choose to delete or archive a message.

#13: Manage Your Storage. You can find what apps take too much place and delete them if you go to Storage and iCloud Usage in General Settings and choose Manage Storage.