Life after College: How to Find First Job

Find First Work

Now that you are about to become a graduate, it is high time for you to learn some useful tips on getting the first post college job. Your first job is really important, since it is the first stage of the career development. Be smart – well, we will assist!

  • Life vs Work – Yes, your first job is a huge paradigm shift in your life, your schedule and your time. Employers expect devotion. Make sure you know how to balance your life issues, problems and dilemmas with working hours and expected performance.
  • Nota bene: No Company Is Perfect – There is no such a company that will fit you completely. While you expect much from your future employer, remember that each employer expects just as much from his employees. Be ready to face employers’ demands and expectations while you start looking for that perfect job.
  • Expect Nothing. Work. Be Grateful for Anything – Don’t let the trifles impact you, your impression of a job or impression of the employer. No, we do not recommend you to suffer and stay blind to real problematic issues at your working place, but as long as you consider absence of your favorite tea or unfriendly colleague to be a problem, you may find yourself in search for a job quite soon again. Be smart so that this search doesn’t last forever.
  • Learn Enough about the Company Before You Agree to Become a Part of It – Don’t be afraid to ask – the more you know, the better place you are in. For example, ask how many employees have left during the past year or what are major causes for being fired. Ask different people – one person’s response is not a credible and sufficient source of information.
  • Be Fair and Honest, Especially to Yourself – This recommendation is a core one among the tips for college graduates: make sure you really know what you need and what type of professional you strive to become. Explore your expectations from your first job, its perspectives and those aspects which you are not ready to compromise on. You start building your future, remember it.
  • Understand and Accept that Managing Means Both Up and Down – Yes, managing is definitely a two way street. You should impact not only those you manage, but also senior management. The most important thing is that you should learn how to do it constructively. Remember that the whole team works to achieve core goals set by the company’s authorities, and cooperation is a key to success.

Start with yourself, determine what your goals are, and remember that it is only a beginning!