6 Study Hacks That Will Save Your Life

study hacks

When it comes to studying, hard work usually gives the best results. But it doesn’t mean that you can’t find ways to make your work less draining. It’s obvious that not every studying hack is suitable for every student. That’s why we give you a list of six most helpful study methods where you’ll be able to find something perfect for yourself.

Chew on a gum

We don’t know exactly why this works, but scientists say that chewing a gum increases your focus, and that’s the main thing you need while studying. In addition, minty gums are always refreshing and can give you a bit more extra energy. Unfortunately, the effect is short-lived so you should use this trick during the most intense studying.

Write by hand

It might be a bit more time consuming, but taking hand-written notes helps you to memorize more information. If you’re a dedicated user of various electronic devices, you can still type your notes during lectures and later rewrite by hand only the key points.

Make a cheat sheet and throw it away

Sounds counterproductive? In reality, making a cheat sheet means that you’ll have to go through all your materials, find the most important information, and write it down very concisely. Of course we don’t approve actually using cheat sheets (and you probably won’t even get away with that), but they can become a great tool for revising and generalizing the materials.

Study in different places

You might be used to always studying at your desk in your dorm room, but changing your settings might do wonders. Your mind gets used to being comfortable and focused in one place so when you go to take a test in a classroom, it becomes stressed and confused. However, when you study in different places, you train your brain to work equally efficiently everywhere.

Teach someone

When you retell the material to someone else, you can see clearly what your weak spots are and what parts of your textbooks you have to go through again. In the end, you can teach someone else only when you know your materials well yourself so this approach is a great way to evaluate your own level. Obviously, by teaching someone we don’t mean actually tutoring other students but simply revise with others who understand the subject.

Find the best lighting

Such basic thing as lights can be fundamental when it determines your productivity. Studying with dim lights will make you tired quickly, and your attention will be scattered. Meanwhile, soft natural lights are the best for keeping you focused. Obviously, you can’t have them in the evening so opt for an evenly lighted room then.

Also don’t forget to consider other common study techniques such as using colorful notes, notecards, inspiring music, or helpful apps. You’ll have to go through different tips to find the ones that work for you individually. But trying different things is worth in the long run because they will make your study process so much more enjoyable.

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