How to Start a New Semester

New Semester

The new academic year has just started, but you’re likely to be already overwhelmed by all the things you need to do. Don’t worry, we’ve compiled a list of the most important tasks you should tackle now in order to get a productive semester.
1. Arrange your schedule. With all the new classes you’re going to take this year, you need to make sure you have a clear schedule so that you don’t miss anything. Write down your weekly plan and keep it somewhere near.
2. Buy stationery. Once you already know how many classes you’re going to take, go shopping for school supplies. This is a lot better than doing it in advance because you already know what exactly you need and in what quantities. Just try to do it in one go and the question of school supplies will be closed for the whole semester.
3. Learn your surroundings. If you’ve changed your location since last year or just started college, dedicate one day to learning the campus. You’ll need to know where you can find quiet study spots, make photocopies, have lunch, or receive urgent health care.
4. Get a planner. Putting all due dates, tests, and exams in a planer will help you to create a picture of your semester and plan your work accordingly. You’re likely to already get a lot of information during the first week so write it down as soon as possible in order not to have regrets later.
5. Sign up for clubs. If you’re planning to join a new club this year or continue attending an old one, make sure you sign up in time. Usually, the number of members is limited so the ones who put it off for long might be late eventually. Same refers to sororities and fraternities.
6. Get school gear. If you’re a freshman, you’d probably want to have some piece of clothing or at least a badge with the logo of your school. These things will help you to feel like a part of one big family and boost your pride of being a college student.
7. Talk to people. Even if it’s not your first year at college, there will always be new people to get to know. Introduce yourself to your new dorm mates and get to know your professors. Having all these connections might come in handy later.
8. Get your ID. Another reminder for freshmen is not to forget to pick up your student ID and register your college email. These things are essential, and you’ll need them right at the beginning of a new semester.
9. Call your parents. You’re likely to be very busy at the beginning, but one of the main things you should do is to give a call to your parents and say you’re doing okay. Remember that your nearest and dearest are always worried so keep them updated as to your whereabouts.
These nine things are the most important tasks you need to do when a new semester starts.