Productivity Tips on Being More Creative

Being More Creative

If you are constantly talking about something, waiting for a better version of a project, a startup, a book or anything you want to embody or to launch but the idea of handling it is only in your head and not in real life, it will lead to the “idea debt”. The term belongs to an illustrator Kazu Kibuishi. To be honest, revisiting and developing dozens of old ideas, as well as waiting for the opportune moment which never comes, brings you more harm than good. Its far better to carry out not always perfect projects with all the ups and downs but to tie up loose ends. Here are some tips to make your existing idea debt healthy by applying more creative ideas.

Do it now

When you get a pretty good idea or even a bad one but viable and accomplishable, show it to the world. Crank it out as fast as possible. Now, it already exists. From this moment, you need to improve the existing idea until you feel good about it or even are proud.

Reorganize your current project

If you already have any project which is not satisfactory enough but has a potential to be well-developed, devote your time to improving it. There is no sense to start a new idea and eventually not to have enough time to handle ALL of your projects. I don’t think you feel OK having dozens of rough ideas hanging over your head. Give your current project a new lease of life.

Hand it over

If you have no time for dealing with an idea or a project, give the responsibility of dealing with it to someone else. Give the decent idea away so that someone could try it. If you run out of thoughts concerning the implementing that idea, get rid of it. Get used to the fact that it’s not yours anymore. Feel how the pressure slips away. Anyway, a new owner has fresh eyes on it so your idea debt wouldn’t burden him.

Dump it all out

If you have loads of ideas, breathe life into all of them at once to complete the task that has overburdened you for a long time. They can be unfinished, half-baked ideas. This approach will raise a sense of accomplishment and lessen a sense of futility. The best is yet to come. Fresh ideas may appear at any time.

Make a new plan

Do not kill all the ideas you have. Some of them are worth working on. So, get rid of all the unnecessary ones and make a new plan. Set a schedule. Try to work on it every time you have a possibility and not to set them aside for a long time. The particular idea can quickly become your very best project for real and bring you success!

Do not be afraid to give your old ideas a new lease of life. Sometimes, you need to kill them all and to start from scratch. You’re your own debtor in the idea debt. Learn how to be more creative and get inspired with our tips.