How to Give a Presentation Well

Good Presentations

The art of giving a presentation is one of the most significant skills in life. Starting from school, people should master their speaking skills so that later, at college, they will be prepared to the life full of presentations. This is a period of life, when almost every subject requires decent speaking skills. Moreover, you should get rid of the fear of speaking in public. After graduation, under no circumstances should you forget everything that has been so difficult to acquire. Many professions may require from you to show your presentation skills and that is the main reason why you worked so hard while studying. Among thousands of various methods of improving your ways of giving presentations, some are worth your attention more than others.

Best Ways to Improve Presentation Skills


You can be 100% ready, but you will definitely fail if your additional utilities stop working at the most important moment. In order to avoid such an unpleasant situation, make sure everything is working in advance. You will not impress the listeners much if during your 20-minute presentation you will spend 15 minutes setting up the equipment.


For sure, you have prepared a lot of information, perhaps starving in front of the screen for hours. However, you do not need your audience to fall asleep while listening to your everlasting speech. Find out what the most important pieces of information are and which of them the listeners would be glad to hear.


Among all the tips on how to give a good presentation, there is one that is of utmost importance. Visual aids are indeed reasonable and quite helpful supportive means. That is why use them fully and be sure they complement what you are saying. Practice your speaking pace and control the speed your slides are going in order to avoid any confusing moments.


Unless your aim is to develop the reading skills of your listeners, do not write all the information on the slides. The audience must listen to you and be attracted by the digital presentation. Try to find a golden medium and fill your presentation with just enough information not to make listeners bored.


According to Guy Kawasaki, a Japanese natural scientist, there should be a strict plan of what you are doing during your preparation and presenting. That is why he concluded that an average presentation should consist of no more than 10 slides, be no more than 20 minutes long and, finally, have a font no less than 30pt.


One of the most influential tips for giving a presentation is manipulating your audience with the help of your voice. If you want listeners to pay attention to what you are saying, simply do not speak too loudly – they will have to be very attentive to catch the main points. Learn to use your voice smartly and your presentation will become rewarding.