Morning Habits of Successful People

Morning Habits

It’s common knowledge that almost all world-known achievers have healthy morning routine. Even Benjamin Franklin, an American founder, practiced a very unusual ritual every morning. He rose quite early every day and sat in his chamber naked for half an hour. During this time, he used to read or write something.

His habit to begin a day in such a way may appear strange, but it brought brilliant results. He was not just a prominent politician and one of the founding fathers; he also was a famous scientist and inventor.

Morning rituals are closely connected with success. This fact was even proved on a scientific level. Steve Kay, a researcher and professor of molecular and computational biology, admits that late morning is the best time for adults to do some cognitive work. Since body temperature begins to rise right before we awake and proceeds with increasing through midday, alertness as well as concentration improve.

The primary step you should take toward the highest level of achievement and success is creating a series of rituals that you ought to do every morning.

Richard Branson, a founder of Virgin Atlantic

This famous person gets up early, at 5 am. His two main habits in the morning are swimming around his island and spending some time with the family. Although you might not be able to perform the first ritual, you can certainly rise early.

There is lot of scientific evidence that those who prefer getting up very early achieve much more in comparison with those who constantly go to bed and rise too late.

Jack Dorsey, a founder of Twitter and Square

Being one of the most successful people of the world, Jack Dorsey starts his morning at 5 am and after that meditates for half an hour. This morning ritual serves him as a qualitative preparation for a 18-hour day that he needs to survive and be productive because he is CEO of two huge companies.

It’s not a secret that meditation can help you achieve peaceful mindset. In addition, it has been suggested to implement by a great number of entrepreneurs.

Apart from decreasing the level of stress and anxiety, people who meditate can improve their creativity. What is more, meditation helps you to get focused on a particular thing so that you don’t even get distracted.

Mark Zuckerberg, a founder and CEO of Facebook

Mark has a habit of getting up at 8 am. After that, he checks his cellphone for messages, does some physical exercises, and finally wears the same jeans and T-shirt every day. This small trick is done by him not in vain, because it minimizes fatigue caused by too many decisions.

So, consider planning your rituals, life in general and sooner or later, you will celebrate your achievements.