Step Forward to Creativity: How to Improve Art Skills?

Improve Art Skills

Have you ever dreamt of becoming a famous artist who would amaze people with astonishing artworks; or maybe you have even tried looking for some career in the sphere of art? You might as well be an amateur artist who just wants to create something memorable. So, we have provided a list of ideas on where to find inspiration and how to develop your basic drawing skills.

  1. Never stop practicing. The saying, “Practice makes perfect” truly works, especially in case of painting or drawing. Even though you can’t paint or draw perfectly from the very first time, you can practice all the time and improve your skills.
  2. Spend some time every day to carefully observe your surroundings. Pay close attention to the face or posture of a person you are talking to, notice how light falls on buildings and how shadows are created on the ground. Training your eye for detail will really help you in expressing such things on paper or canvas.
  3. Master your skills of obtaining the needed colors. Even though you might have finished the basic art school, the things become different when it comes to the color concepts. Therefore, you might need to study some new information on colors.
  4. Start buying art supplies that are better in quality. Try experimenting with different brands and products of different prices. Start using professional supplies that are by far affordable for you.
  5. Get inspired from other artists’ works. Looking at the artworks of other artists may attract your attention to their artistic style. You might learn something for yourself, and some works may even have a great influence on your personal artistic style. Besides, think of visiting museums more often – there you will be under the influence of paintings of different styles and time epochs.
  6. Study some tutorials. Try registering on Deviant Art and search for some tutorials on different techniques and other artistic stuff. Moreover, there are numerous art courses that you may find even for free (on some online platforms).
  7. Try your skills in different mediums of art. If you are used merely to painting in acrylic painting, try pastels or watercolors. Moreover, digital painting has become popular, so you might try it as well.
  8. Use a model when you draw. If you have never used a model, try practicing this kind of painting or drawing. It should not necessarily be a person (if you are not that much good in portraits) – take some vase with flowers or a bowl with fruit. It is a good practice that will help you improve your skills.
  9. If you practice realistic style, try to switch your attention to anime or something similar. Anime is more cartoon-like style, so it will also be interesting to try.
  10. Don’t be afraid to think outside the box and create your own standards. Do not be obsessed with rules and standards. Painting is a sphere where creativity is encouraged, so use it.
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