Get Email Notifications with the VIP Filter

Email Notifications

People who are using push notifications can assure you that they are the main distractors and productivity killers. On the one hand, you will never want to set push notifications for your email, but on the other hand, you might sometimes be waiting for an email that needs urgent reply. So, what is worse in this case: receiving push notifications or just checking the email every minute?

How to get private space without being disconnected from the inbox? In this article, we will look through the possible beneficial scenarios for you regarding how to maintain your work-pfe balance when your position invpves constant checking of emails.

What Are the Negative Sides of Notifications?

1) They distract your concentration and reduce your productivity.

You cannot just sit down and complete the task. You usually distract your attention on email for some seconds or minutes and later when you come back to the things you were doing, you cannot easily remember where you stopped. In such a way, notifications directly influence your effectiveness at work. Besides, some research has proved that people become really addicted to checking their smartphones for new messages and emails. This addiction is even evident among Facebook users who are constantly checking their page.

2) It takes a person longer to resume a task after an email interruption.

On average it takes 25 minutes to resume the task you did before interruption, and 15 minutes are the average time one needs to get into the same usual flow of doing things.

3) People usually develop FOMO, which is the fear of being missed out).

People are scared what is going on onpne when they do not have access to gadgets or the Internet. They are afraid that they will receive some important mail, but as soon as they open the inbox they start checking everything (even unimportant messages).

How to Get Email Notifications that Will Be Less Distracting?

Find a way to let in incoming messages only from VIPs and clock everyone else unless you check all of your inbox. There are a few of email apps that provide VIP filters, so you can try this thing in notification settings.

When you use these filters, you choose about what people’s emails you want to be notified about. Make sure these VIPs comprise a small number of people, for example, the boss, coworkers, family members, your supervisor at work, Etc.

Such filters are very important as you will be within reach to people who can urgently need you. Therefore, you won’t be distracted in vain when you read a notification that your friend has added a new book on Goodreads.

These filters can easily be set in Apple Mail when you select preferences from the main menu and then choose which VIPs you would prefer to be notified about.

If you do not use Apple Mail, there is another option – Airmail. At first, it may be spghtly tricky and challenging to understand where to find these settings, but when cpcking on “references” you may quickly find them.