free essayNowadays, children’s films and cartoons are seen as simple amusement and a fairy-tale. However, for children, movies are a reality of their world where all kinds of imaginary creatures coexist. Lately, animated films have become closer to people’s real lives showing problems like money, ecology, crimes, and struggle for power. Some of them depict the relationship between children and adults. Therefore, it is important to consider how adequately particular situations and problems are demonstrated to children. Zootopia directed by Byron Howard and Rich Moore is a perfect combination of splendid animation and thoughtful representation of real-life issues.

In the modern world of Zootopia, animals are no longer divided into predators and prey, they live together happily. However, even in this utopian universe crimes happen. That is why young provincial rabbit Judy Hopps has spent her life striving for a job of a police officer. Despite the fact that only big and strong animals like bears or tigers are accepted for the job, she overcomes all obstacles to become the first rabbit police officer in the history of the city. Together with cunning thief Nick Wilde, who becomes her partner, she undertakes to solve a case of fourteen kidnappings, changing her beliefs and views on the world she lives in and animals she meets (Howard and Moore).

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The moviemakers have provided each character with a particular stereotyped personality. As Nick tells Judy in one of the scenes, the society has its prejudices and judges everyone on his or her appearance (Howard and Moore). Hence, the problems the small rabbit faces with becoming a police officer and the criminal record of the fox who has always been treated like an artful dodger because of his appearance illustrate the above-mentioned idea. There is also the problem of the involuntary behavior caused by the predominance of genes. Therefore, the movie raises the question of racism and intolerance using the example of the citizens of Zootopia. Among other issues, the movie depicts corruption within the political system.

As the plot develops, the viewer discovers that all accusations against predators have been fixed as they have no real ground. Therefore, the movie shows that any demonstration of inequality or infringement has no real basis and cannot be justified. The way Hopps, the stereotype-breaking rabbit, becomes prejudiced herself and makes Nick reluctant to talk to her before realizing her own mistake shows that although the unbiased mind is important, sometimes the ability to accept one’s mistakes is even more valuable. Since America is the so-called “melting pot” and its population consists of people of all nationalities, occupations, and appearances, the problem of stereotypical thinking matches the modern reality quite well.

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There is no doubt that the movie has a great effect on viewers, both young and old, and the dazzling ideality of the city makes one wish to become a citizen. The fictional creation of the Disney Company influences people in the real world. Having an example of the utopian city where everyone is making efforts to live in peace with their neighbors, viewers might be inspired to create the same order in their own society. While the title of the cartoon contains a vivid hint about utopianism, the situation may change in the near future.

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On the face of it, Zootopia is perceived as a brilliantly created entertaining movie; however, later it turns out to be a representation of the modern society demonstrating its faults and peculiarities in a bright and humorous way. Exploring numerous issues, this cartoon becomes an accurate metaphor for xenophobia that should not be practiced if one wants to live in a free and civilized world.