Ways to Solve the Energy Crisis

free essayIn the modern technologically advanced societies, humans continue alienating from nature rapidly. Human alienation from nature is considered the nucleus of the vast majority of the environmental problems that the world is challenged by these days. Scholars list pollution and inadequate waste disposal, global warming and climate change, depopulation of flora and fauna, and natural resources depletion among the most pressing environmental problems of our age. Assuming that the statement noted above is true, the significance of contemplating, elaborating on more sustainable and more environmentally friendly sources of energy, as well as implementing them is evident. Clearly, finding more sustainable sources of energy is associated with a great deal of political, economic, social, and cultural implications. It cannot be denied that finding a way to more sustainable sources of energy would solve the world’s energy crisis.

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In a way, the problem of more sustainable and renewable sources of energy affects me as I come from Saudi Arabia which is renowned as one of the world’s leading exporters of oil. Furthermore, Saudi Arabia has been reputed one of the most influential countries in the Middle East. Its path to financial independence and economic stability has been perilous. At the same time, the larger Middle East remains in the state of distress economically, socially, politically, and culturally. There is a self-explanatory link between globalization, the advancement of science and technology, environmental issues, and the world’s energy crisis. Globalization is believed to be negatively associated with the spread of poverty. On the other hand, globalization positively influences the international collaboration in the sphere of science and technology. The advancement inn science and technology jeopardizes the most pressing environmental problems of this era. The world’s energy crisis is partly caused by the pollutions and the natural resources depletion.

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For me as an international student, being educated in the United States of America gives a wonderful opportunity to reconcile our cultures, gain and exchange experience, and, perhaps, attempt to find solutions to some of the greatest calamities of our age. By so doing, I will make a real-life contribution to the advancement of science and technology.

Engineering is a field that makes people’s lives more comfortable and easier. The reality, however, proves different. The development of science and technology has made the life itself go faster. This in no way diminishes the positive qualities of the influence of reason, logics, and the advancement of science on people’s lives. Apart from that, the world’s population continues growing rapidly, which means that more energy is used and more products are consumed. There is no unambiguous approach as to when the mankind is about to run out of natural non-renewable sources of energy. As a would-be engineer, I will do my utmost to make the world a better place and help people to maintain a more environmentally-conscious lifestyle. I would be grateful for any opportunity that might make a way to achieving my goal easier.

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