Tips to Manage Stress

free essayStress is definitely central to the life of a modern person. Everyone experience it, and only a few are aware of the ways of dealing with it. In the meanwhile, stress has a disastrous impact on the human body, and thus one should be aware of the methods for combating or at least elevating of the effects of this negative psychological phenomenon.

There are many ways for dealing with stress. In fact, the reactions to stress vary from case to case. From my perspective, a number of factors including age, experience, education, genetics, upbringing, etc. determine them. One should clearly realize that stress could be managed and handled. In some cases, stress is beneficial since it mobilizes the resources of the organism and allows it to concentrate on the current task. For example, in case the person confronts a danger threatening his or her life, stress experienced by the individual launches the defensive systems of the human body that provide the person with the strength to fight with that particular danger. Therefore, I believe that the first step towards managing stress is the understanding of the reasons that cause it as well as a realization of the fact that stress emerges in response to the particular situations. Furthermore, it frequently launches to help the person not to cause detrimental health effects.

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Nevertheless, stress still should be released from the human body. Such an activity could be done in a variety of the ways, and the choice of the specific one depends largely on the personality and individual preferences. For me, the best option available is the exercising on the favorite device which is a bike. Walking might also be helpful for putting thoughts in order and organizing feelings. Yoga, as well as similar meditation practices, might be useful for reflections and self-awareness increase. Even talking to someone (it may be a friend, coworker, parents, or professional psychoanalyst) about how you feel may help a person to develop better coping mechanisms and recover faster.

Nevertheless, I have to admit that stress usually occurs under the circumstances when there is no ability to walk and relax. In such cases, they are recommended to work on the creation of the immunity from stressful situations. It could be done through the series of reflections during which the person will investigate the triggers that have caused stress and negative reactions and elaborate the ways for ignoring or dealing with them. In such cases, I simply follow one rule. In case I can change the situation, there is a reason to intervene. On the other hand, if I cannot help the situation any further, I should simply let to go.

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Counting from one to ten and vice versa might also be a rather helpful technique in dealing with stress. It does not require any particular efforts, room or equipment. It might also be combined with the overall silencing when the individual has a need to shut up to prevent him or her from abusing others for no obvious reason.

Eventually, in fighting with stress, one should also realize that it is a normal life situation. Nevertheless, it might still require the setting of limits for experiencing stress. In other words, in case one feels bad or said, he or she should set the deadline with the passage of which emotions should be left off, and the person should get back to the normal life. Until the time limit, he or she is allowed to perform all the actions he or she considers necessary or ones that will ease their pain and grievances. The involvement of other people in performing of the irritating task might turn out to be a great adventure as well as the reason for becoming friends in the future. In any event, it worked for many times in my case. Indeed, the performance of the most challenging tasks requires a lot of attitude and dedication to the problem, so that being shared by two people fear and other negative emotions vanish.

All in all, it should be noted that stress should and can be dealt with. The only thing needed is to reflect on the ways for dealing with stress and choosing the most suitable one.