Tips for Designing Websites

Websites are means of communication where various types of information are posted including videos, text, pictorials, and audio messages (Carey, 2013). The effectiveness of the website designed depends on the first impression that it makes to the online visitor. However, to make the communication aids successful, it is necessary to properly utilize them.

An audio post on the internet should be precise and to the point. The challenge the designer has to overcome is determining the right amount of information to capture (Carey, 2013). An audio message presents an extra challenge, because despite the quality, its presentation has to be clear. The challenge is too complicated by the fact that audio messages are more costly than text to access; additionally, the visitors spend a limited time on a webpage before leaving for another.

Videos on websites are used to enhance the presentation of audio and text messages. Videos should not hinder communication but make it more pleasant, memorable, and easier to understand. The design of a video is dictated by knowing what precisely should be communicated to online users (Carey, 2013). Important messages should be prioritized and reinforced by appropriate video clips. Auditude should be used to highlight crucial text messages on a webpage. To this effect, the message should make sense or be phased out since it is crucial to write information without complicating it. In addition, there should be consistency in communicating whereby a link with a webpage should be built on the information in the interface as opposed to reverting to a new message. In other extremes, images that are said to be worth a thousand words should be in harmony with the text, video, and graphics.

In conclusion, communication via the website should be made simple as there are infinite sources of webpages that offer similar information. Therefore, each page should be designed as if it is the sole provider of the information by employing creative presentation methods.


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