Third Street Promenade

free essayThe Third Street Promenade is a classy entertainment, dining and shopping complex in the City of Santa Monica downtown area, California. On November 30, 1886, the city of Santa Monica was incorporated and in 1947 it adopted a City Charter. The city’s economy is diverse and stable. The nation’s creative economy is led by the local businesses operating in the city. Tourists, employees, and shoppers significantly boost the population during daytime to approximately 250,000 people. However, the city’s total population stands at 89,736 according to 2010 US Census Bureau. Santa Ana has a population of 329,427, which makes it the second most populous city in the Orange County and ranks at 57th place among populous cities in the US. The city was founded in 1869; it is part of the Greater Los Angeles Area and the safest city with over 250,000 inhabitants. The city of Santa Ana obtained its name from Santa Ana Freeway, winds, and Mountains.

The Third Street Promenade is a fashionable and entertainment Santa Monica City area which is a premiere dining and shopping district. It is situated in the Westside and draws people from the Greater Los Angeles Area. Third Street Promenade is loved by tourists due to Los Angeles’s mild climate and proximity to the Pacific Ocean. Therefore, it is a popular destination for tourists from all over the world.

Federal Realty’s holdings are among the major investments located in Promenade, which consists of nine separate buildings. The tenants housed in two of the nine buildings are Banana Republic, J Crew, Steve Madden, Club Monaco, Old Navy and others.

The Third Street Promenade has grown to be a favorite place to visit for both travelers and locals. Socialites, diners, and shoppers flock the place every year to enjoy the delectable dining, entertaining street performance, and spectacular shopping. They delight in the Promenade’s weekly outdoor music, dance performances, and farmers market. The tourists also visit the outdoor patio at some of the restaurants on the Third Street of the Promenade to feel the Pacific Ocean breeze and have a taste of Santa Monica.

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The Third Street Promenade has been successful in many aspects since time immemorial. Santa Monica’s longtime residents have mixed reactions and feelings about the Promenade, in particular about the homogenized restaurants and stores as well as the loss of distinctive individuality and personality given by the independent stores such as Midnight Special Bookstore in the original mall. Other areas of concern for the locals include increased traffic along Arizona Avenue, Wilshire Boulevard and Santa Monica Boulevard, and over-crowding in the parking structures. Parking is becoming an issue for the locals, the residents, and the Third Street Promenade’s visitors. In order to find a solution to this problem, the ParkMe.Inc service have been initiated, which is a Santa Monica-based technology.

Over time, The Third Street Promenade has witnessed businesses decrease for sanitized chains. The larger tenants among others include Anthropologie, Urban Outfitter, Barnes & Noble, Sephora, Forever21, Abercrombie, American Apparel and American Apparel Outfitters. The Promenade hosts various theaters including AMC Theatres, Loews and Mann Theatres. The Third Street Promenade boasts the oldest and largest certified organic farmers market, which is held on Sundays and Wednesdays on Arizona Avenue between 4th Street and 2nd Street.

During summer seasons on Saturday nights, classical guitar players, singer-songwriters, clowns, hip-hop dancers, session drummers and lounge singers line up almost 12 m to 15 m (40 to 50 feet) apart along the Third Street. The Downtown Santa Monica and the Third Street Promenade are overseen by Downtown Santa Monica, Inc. a private and non-profit entity formerly known as Bayside District Corporation that helps in the operations and management of services to promote community life, economic growth, and stability within Downtown, Santa Monica.

4th Street in Santa Ana

The 4th street bounded by Broadway and French Street is lined with several restaurants, boutique shops, and other retail shops that offer the variety of services to multiple demographics and broad audience. The East End, previously the Fiesta Marketplace, is the focus of the 4th street. It is an outdoor mall, which is pedestrian-friendly with markets for both the wider social-economic demographic and the local community in a bid to attract and retain an audience searching for alternative chain restaurants and indoor malls.

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The presence of endpoints such as the renovated Yost Theater and The Playground taking control of the main recreational events, most restaurateurs and retailers have helped the area to compete with the destinations in the neighborhood known to attract people.

The two-screen theater Frida Cinema is the newest renovated social amenity. The show showcases community-building, education, independent films, and film-related programming. The Frida Cinema’s special events include foreign films, student films, Rocky Horror Picture Show, which is a cult classic, and film festivals.

The 4th Street Market was opened in February 2015. It introduced indoor food market that complemented the over growing food scene. Similar to other endpoints in the Boston and Los Angeles areas, the market has increased business activities in the region that includes diet and beverage preparations, education, consultation agencies and commodity manufacture and sale by partnering with other commercial entities.

It is a host of the several annual, monthly and weekly events. The social occasions range from historical events that have been observed since the inception of the city to the recent recreational ones that bring people from the different social backgrounds and walks together. Each event has specific dates such as the Day of the Dead celebrations and Fiesta Patrias.


The Third Street Promenade represents strong economic base contributed by various social factors. A lot of revenue is generated from the visiting foreigners and tourists, who come to the entertaining coastal street performance and spectacular shopping, enjoy the mild climate and proximity to the Pacific Ocean. The major investments such as Federal Realty’s holdings contribute to the development of the region both as an economic hub and a popular attraction center.

However, there are certain weaknesses that the authorities need to address in order to make it even a better place for recreation. Due to the independent stores and homogenized restaurants there has been the loss of distinctive individuality and personality in the region. Parking is another area of weakness. The visitors and the locals experience hardship with the overcrowded parking structures. The increased traffic along the Arizona Avenue is also an issue in the region. Proper and adequate parking structures need to be established in the area to ease congestion. The city authority should propose laws that govern restaurants operation to stop further decrease of business.

As for the 4th street regions of Santa Ana, growth expansion aimed at advancing the recreational and commercial structures is necessary to enable competition with the adjacent cities. Objectives that need to be met include building more hotels or attracting investments in that area. Existing structures like the Broadway parking should get renovation to modern structures, upscale housing or expensive hotels. Meeting such objectives would significantly improve the competitiveness of the regions regarding economy and attraction.