The Making of a Mouse

free essayA mouse is an accessory that is quite essential in the work of a computer. This device fits in with the hand of the operator enabling the user make movements using hands and fingers to give directions to the computer. A rolling ball also gives instructions moving the pointer on the screen. The driver gives instructions to the computer on how to interpret the IC data stream of the mouse, including a direction, relative speed and clicked commands. Most mouse drivers allow users to assign certain actions to buttons and adjust the resolution of the mouse (“Computer Mouse,” 2016).


The following raw materials are used in the production of the device. The outer part of a mouse and the remaining internal mechanical parts, such as spoked wheels and shafts, are composed of acrylonitrile butadiene styrene plastic. The ball is metallic but coated using a rubber material from a special supplier. Mouse designers may specify force requirements in switches to enable them to move easily or become firm to click. A printed circuit board, with mechanical and electrical components is made in a special way to suit the design of the mouse. It is a flat sheet being resin-coated. Capacitors, electrical resistors, integrated circuits, the oscillators and several other components are made from silicon, plastic and metals (“Computer Mouse,” 2016).

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People labor is needed to operate machines and put in place raw materials required. It is also necessary for assembling different parts of the mouse, transportation and packaging. Research is done to come up with modifications that will improve how the mouse works. All its components must be assembled in a well-organized manner.


To make a computer mouse, various manufacturing processes are conducted at the same time. They are described in steps below. All pieces are brought together for assembly. In assembling and manufacturing, printed circuit boards are prepared. The mounting on the surface is assembled by the use of a machine. A computer-controlled sequencer places all components in the right pattern onto the board in the prescribed order. The encoder mechanism is assembled separately. Plastic sections are manufactured using injection molding with proprietary specifications. After assembling the mechanism, the whole unit is held tight using screws and clips. The manufacturers of a mouse design different shapes of molds. The mouse overmold is connected to the housing at the other side of the tail. Connectors are soldered to wires. Parts on the outer shell are inspected after trimming, molding and surface treatment before assembly. The final work and electronics quality check are done after the assembly is complete. Neoprene or rubber feet with adhesive sheeting are applied on the underside. The programming team develops, tests, and produces mouse driver firmware. A computer mouse requires labels that identify certain product specifications or the company itself. All labels are printed on a durable paper and placed on the mouse. The latter is then packed in a presentable plastic (Olson, 2014).

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The final product is a computer mouse that is used with personal computers. Moving it on flat surfaces moves the on-screen cursor. Different items on the computer screen can be selected and moved by pressing the buttons on the mouse (“Computer Mouse,” 2016). A wire may be used to connect it to the computer, though wireless mice exist. According to Nickels, McHugh, and McHugh (2010), during production, manufacturers focus on quality, their customers, costs, continued improvement and uniting with other companies using the Internet.

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The process of manufacturing a mouse is quite technical and should be handled with much care to prevent accidents and a possible failure of components. A computer mouse is an essential computer device that makes its operation easy. The manufacturing process is not very long, but it is quite involving.