The Four Functions of Management

free essayManagement is a social process that makes a person responsible for economical and efficient planning and operational activities of an enterprise or organization in order to accomplish set goals (Wook Yoo et al. 353). Effective management involves artistic problem solving, motivating employees, and ensuring that all established organizational goals and objectives are accomplished (Wook Yoo et al. 353). The main functions of management include planning, organizing, leading, and controlling. Just as organizations use them for the smooth running of activities, people who are not involved in the sphere can also utilize these management functions to ensure that all their daily activities run smoothly and achieve their long-run goals and objectives.

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Planning is the process by which targets are selected and the ways of achievement formulated (Wook Yoo et al. 356). Planning is the essential function of management as one needs to define what he/she requires before doing anything else. Before beginning anything, I always come up with plans as this helps me to decide on the activities I should undertake to ensure that desired results are achieved. Planning assists me with determining the person I need to work with to realize my goals. For instance, if I want to pass my exams, all I need is to design the strategies on how I should achieve it, namely to outline a personal timetable and seek help from my instructors on the units that are problematic to me. As an act of planning, I will also set the targeted grade and work towards attaining it. I will constantly measure my performance against my desired performance and, therefore, always know where to put more effort.

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Organizing is the process by which work is apportioned and allocated to the main purpose of ensuring that the set goals and objectives will be accomplished. Organizing involves balancing needs for both stability and change (Wook Yoo et al. 359). Nonetheless, organizing encompasses grouping activities necessary for accomplishing goals, assigning each grouping to the person with authority to supervise it, and also ensuring that there is coordination among the involved parties to guarantee that everything is done according to the plan (Mayes 572). For instance, I have a part time job at a shop where I am tasked with being the head of other employed students. For the shop running to be fruitful, I have delegated some authority to other students to manage some activities that they are good at so that together as a team we can gain more profits. To earn enough money, my assistants should be well coordinated and know what is expected from them. Besides, effective communication among all personnel is required in order to discuss the ideas, avoid duplication of resources, and ensure everyone works towards the same goal. These conditions of successful shop running could only be met with the help of proper organizing.

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Leading is an influential process that is directed at shaping the behavior of others. Leadership is the art of inspiring subordinates to perform their duties enthusiastically, proficiently, and devotedly (Wook Yoo et al. 360). Leadership guides our efforts towards achieving set goals. There is a tendency to let the older or more experienced people to assume leadership as they seem to be much wiser. Nevertheless, leadership is exercised as an attitude of position, personal knowledge or as a function of personality (Wook Yoo et al. 361). I take into account these leadership principles in my everyday life. For instance, in my class, the instructor once gave us a group task. I made a decision to assume the leadership role in the assignment as I had to ensure that it was done well and within established deadline. As a leader, I tried to serve as an example by starting the work so that my fellow group members would follow me. In other words, leadership is getting others to follow or encouraging them to do things willingly just as I spurred my group members to complete the assignment.

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Controlling is the measurement and correction of the performance of employees and other organizational resources called to ensure everything goes as per the set plans (Wook Yoo et al. 354). Controlling helps in the realization of plans (Mayes 574). The control process encompasses three main steps, namely the establishment of standards, against which performance will be measured, the measurement of performance, whereby the actual performance is measured against the set standards, and the correction of deviations if there are any (Mayes 575). Working in the shop, my colleagues and I always set monthly targeted profits, so if we did not achieve the established sum of money, we could definitely know something went wrong. In such cases, the availability of control means enables us to discover what the problem is and suggest the ways of correcting it to reach the target.

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In conclusion, the management functions might be useful in daily activities. Planning gives people direction in their routine to ensure that what was set to do is accomplished. Organizing helps in assigning tasks in the best way possible to reach set objectives. Leading assists in ensuring that goals are met by being in charge while controlling helps in detecting any deviations and correcting them before it is too late.