Restaurant: Structure of Hospitality and Foodservice Operations

free essayFull-service restaurants are the structural components of the hospitality industry in the USA, and they provide their customers with a wide range of services of appropriate quality. In the USA, restaurants occupy special place and have significant social meaning. The restaurant Chili’s Grill & Bar provides all necessary techniques to support the quality of food and full services offered to the customers.

The restaurant Chili’s Grill & Bar of Brinker International Inc. is located in Dallas, Texas. The restaurant belongs to the unified network of full-service restaurants and provides varied and complete menus with a wide choice of beverages and food (Erickson 172). This food establishment has a long history of functioning. It was founded in 1975 and initially located on Dallas Greenville Ave. In 1981, this food establishment moved to another building in the same area and changed its location in 2007. The founders of the restaurant and appropriate network of similar restaurants decided to launch an ordinary dinning full-service establishment that offered various types of hamburgers at affordable prices. Since this business was successful, several following years were devoted to the market expansion and foundation of the entire corporation Brinker International.

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The restaurant is the outlet belonging to the chain of restaurants of Brinker International Inc. It is run by the senior managers that are the executive performers of this local restaurant. All processes regarding accountability, supervision, and feedback are easily performed due to immediate closeness of the restaurant to the main corporate center and coordinators of the company located in the same area. Common guidance is performed by the employees at the highest managerial positions, while the ongoing operations are supervised by chefs and other service personnel.

The restaurant is not highlighted on its own website, but it shares the locations with other restaurants of Chili’s Grill & Bar on the website of this restaurant network (“SiteMap”). The restaurant is represented in the social media, including Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, YouTube, and on other thematic websites and Internet pages. The most useful marketing sources for the support of the restaurant promotion are the social networks containing the restaurant’s web pages and the visitors’ reviews affecting the reputation of the establishment. Furthermore, the articles dedicated to the restaurant or hospitality industries include the information about Chili’s Grill & Bar as one of the advised attractions for the visitors who appreciate the national food and certain Tex-Mex cuisine.

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Rationale of Selection

Chili’s Grill & Bar occupies the full-service restaurant segment of the hospitality industry. This food establishment It corresponds to the characteristics of the occupied segment as it offers a selection of dishes of sophisticated recipe, takes a payment after the account was closed, serves both behind the bar and at the tables, varies dishes depending on the tastes of customers and holidays, and offers a wide range of food prepared by own facilities and procured drinks. The restaurant provides the capacity to seat at least 45 persons, full service, offer diverse menu containing food and drinks, and has a bar. The restaurant employs the concept of ordinary American cuisine with certain mix with Mexican. In other words, the establishment follows the trend of regional and authentic ethnic cuisine. The restaurant demonstrates the following to the trends of vegetarian appetizers, ethnic/street food-inspired appetizers, traditional ethnic breakfast items, culinary cocktails, natural ingredients/minimally processed food, hybrid desserts, etc. The menu contains appetizers, salads, soups & chili, sandwiches & handhelds, craft burgers, lighter choices, fajitas & enchiladas, fresh Mex bowls, chicken & seafood items, desserts, beverages, party platters, etc. (see Appendix A). The average price for a dessert is $6 – $10, while Nachos cost $9.69. The price for Sausage Soup is nearly $3 and their Fajitas costs $12.39. Items features include different calorie content, vegetarian and children menu, and wide range of drinks. Specialty items are various desserts and mixed sandwiches and burgers.


The reservation of a visitor is made via telephone. Necessary order is booked immediately before the visit. Call-center of the restaurant network distributes the order in the necessary location for a timely reservation of a table. Internal operations are carried out without any delays and barriers. Additional facility for booking a table and ordering the dishes of the Dallas’s outlet include online form and delivery in the nearest Chili’s location. The restaurant explores the electronic system of orders that distributes them according to necessary locations. The respond of a visitor can be found in social network shaped as a post of information about the visit to the restaurant.

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In the terms of market positioning, the restaurant explores the external connections with different trade organizations and groups. Chili’s Grill & Bar participated in the award programs initiated by National Restaurant Association (“National Restaurant Association”). KNG is the supplier of restaurant uniforms that collaborate with both Chili’s Grill & Bar and the American Culinary Federation that may serve as the background for their further affiliation (“KNG Announces Partnership”). Moreover, certain employees have had experience of working in both structures, which indicates their common mutual interests in collaboration in the area of culinary innovation (“New Products Conference”). The chefs of the restaurant regularly participate in Chefs Collaborative to demonstrate the presence of Chili’s Grill & Bar on the market, obtain new culinary experience, and acquire new connections that are believed to boost the activity of the company in the industry (“Fall Harvest”). These connections of the restaurant advance its activity in both restaurant and hospitality industries. Therefore, frequent appearance of Chili’s Grill & Bar on the market and varied social projects have demonstrated the aspiration to increase the quality, which makes the restaurant a more prominent and distinguished one among its competitors.

Facility, Cleanliness, Greeting and First Impression

During the visit to Dallas Chili’s Grill & Bar, the place was clear. However, the placement of hangers was excessive in common dining room, especially when the restaurant was crowded in the evening. The interior space has been made neat and nice for visiting and dinning. It matches the corporate style of the restaurant chain. The dining room is equipped with TV sets in the walls. Sound is moderate and it does not interfere with ability to communicate. Due to the large number of customers at the neighboring tables and those who just waited for orders at the cash register and bar, the overall noise was a bit higher than the normal level. Nevertheless, it was noisy because of a full house at the weekend and the increasing popularity of the restaurant. At the entrance, the visitors were not deprived of attention from the server  who greeted them and offered them to leave their outwear in the wardrobe. The server asked whether the consumers had booked a table. After the positive response, he showed them to the appropriate table, offered a seat, and gave the menu for choosing the desired items. After waiting for some time to determine the wishes with the order, the server asked the customers about their willingness to order. He personally served the table and he was friendly and attentive. He responded to the emerged probing questions readily and with great tolerance. His presence was accompanied by courteous treatment.

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Overall Food and Service

In general, order fulfillment and common impression meet the expectations of this type of restaurant and quality requirements to the service. The beverage order was made correctly. The wait was longer than in normal weekdays, as the evening was loaded for the restaurant staff. The table was conveniently located, while the places were made comfortable for a full visit of the restaurant with varying duration. Restaurant cutlery and crockery were made from the canteen pottery. They had traditional form with only a few comfortable and modern smooth rounded edges. Although the table was not surrounded by excessive objects or crowded consumers because of its lateral placement in the hall, sitting at some other tables near the bar would be uncomfortable due to their proximity to a small queue of consumers.

The server acknowledged the presence of the visitors within 3 minutes after their seating. He did not provide his name, but his nameplate contained his name for reference. He suggested some special and new dishes in the menu. He had positive and cheerful demeanor. He asked about the beverage order and inquired whether something else was needed.

The server attempted to include up-sell items of the menu in his offering of specials and new dishes. However, his offerings were rejected because of their high price and the consumer’s unwillingness to order them. It should be noted that this measure may find its target consumers and it was effective as these items were ordered by other neighboring consumers. The server took the order in a professional manner. He listened, advised, wrote the necessary information, and repeated the order to clarify the obtained information from the consumers.

The food order was delivered with certain delay due to overcrowded evening and a small queue in the restaurant. First course delivered was the beverage order, while food order was delivered in second course. When coming with ordered food and beverage, the server just announced the name of the dish and offered to place it correctly according to the location of the consumers. He used American plated type of service. The plates were handled correctly and served according to proper service style.

The ordered food had appropriate temperature. Burritos were made in accordance with the ingredients listed in the menu. The beverage also conformed to those proposed in the menu. The server checked to ensure quality, but he arrived later than in three minutes. However, he was attentive throughout the meal and asked whether the meal was tasty and whether the consumers needed his assistance.

After the guests had finished eating, the plates were cleared promptly and correctly. Along with it, the server inquired whether they wanted to order coffee or dessert. Positive response allowed him to return in 5 minutes with the ordered coffee and molten chocolate cakes (“Desserts”). The server offered a check only after the guests had asked for it. It took nearly 3-4 minutes. The final bill was correct with all items ordered on the check. He accepted the credit card. After returning the card, the server thanked and invited the consumers to visit the restaurant again, but he did not provide any gratis items during the visit. However, the restaurant offers such items on holidays.

How It Works

Management and Supervision

Factual Supervision in Dallas Chili’s Grill & Bar

The restaurant manager appeared in the dining room when the customers had the meal. He observed the room and the ongoing performance of the personnel. Despite the crowded evening, the manager seemed satisfied and cheerful. He interacted with the servers, advised them, asked about the workload, and checked their ongoing conformity with requirements to qualitative performance of the service. Lately, he asked the customers about their satisfaction with fulfilling orders, apologized for some delays, and wished them a pleasant evening. As the leader of this food establishment, he confirmed feedback of the consumers and his subordinates of different organizational levels. The approximate organizational structure of the restaurant is represented in figure 1.

According to the observers, the managers have direct subordinated communications with all servers, bartenders, and the technical staff. He visited the kitchen to verify the readiness of the personnel to the crowded evening and to check the tangibles and stocks. Chef and cooks were absent in the dining hall. During the evening, servers and bartenders communicated in the cheerful and their own way that indicated their similar position on the same managerial level.

Assumed organizational structure replicates the managerial structures of a typical restaurant establishment in common. The supervisor’s position is occupied by a manager as it is done in Dallas Chili’s Grill & Bar. His responsibility is the governance of all operations of this particular restaurant outlet. As Dallas Chili’s Grill & Bar is the unit of the expanded restaurant structure, the manager is located in the mediate management level of the entire network of the restaurants included in the property of a larger corporate structure. According to the relatively mediate size of Dallas establishment, the manager has a wide range of command. His immediate subordinates are all employees. However, the cooks are additionally subordinated to the chef. Furthermore, the chef of Chili’s Grill & Bar who has highly professional skills and experience may be assigned by the higher management of the corporation and omit the direct orders of the local manager.

Standards for Employee Evaluation and Performance

Evaluation of employee performance is performed according to the industrial standards to the quality of provided services. Restaurant employees performed their obligations according to the developed standards and rules of conduct. For example, the performance of servers can be evaluated according to their job instructions, including their approach to the guests’ greeting, a range of immediate services for taking a free table, guest accommodation, verification of their reservation, menu delivery, and acceptance of an order (Wall and Berry 59). Furthermore, these instructions include the delivery of aperitifs, order fulfillment and ongoing service, delivery of food and beverages, the change of ashtrays, desk tidiness, payment by credit card/cash, and parting with the consumers (Wall and Berry 59). These conditions of restaurant service are the criteria of evaluation. The accuracy and timeliness of performance of official duties characterize the existence or absence of a discrepancy between the actual level and obliged standards towards the performance of servers (Barber et al. 329).

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To evaluate the performance of servers, the company should state the goals and expected outcomes, check the match of the employed people with required professional skills, measure the ongoing and ultimate productivity, collect various comments of the served customers, estimate the time of service, check the proper understanding of the restaurant concepts, and to develop documents for performance evaluation.

Factual Employee Evaluation in Dallas Chili’s Grill & Bar

The performance of servers of Dallas Chili’s Grill & Bar is evaluated by visual monitoring of the manager and the comments of the consumers provided by the questionnaires to evaluate the quality of service and to leave the claims, acknowledgements, and wishes. This paper included the detailed questions and the scale of evaluation. The consumers were welcome to estimate the quality, productivity, job knowledge, attitude, reliability, attendance, initiative, policy compliance, customer service, problem solving, and decision-making (Chow et al. 478).

The servers in Chili’s Grill & Bar are recruited according to their professional skills and personal features. Therefore, their ongoing performance is examined by the comparison with standards in restaurant industry. Labor productivity is also measured by the number of served customers per day or other period. In addition to qualitative indicators of performance, the quality of service is evaluated by the accuracy of compliance with quality standards. The customers are free to mark it in the offered questionnaires and in the response to the probing questions of the manager. However, the quality of professional attitude of servers and other categories of employees is prudently checked during special trainings and practical examinations at the recruiting stages.

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To sum up, the hospitality industry, including the restaurant business satisfies the changeable social habits of its market segments. Restaurant sub-industry takes special place for this common economic direction. Chili’s Grill & Bar represents a full-service restaurant characterized by a long history of success, inclusion in strong restaurant industry, modern facilities and marketing promotion, different external affiliations, and convenient opportunities for customers. The food, quality of service, and supervision of the restaurant was estimated through personal experience. It resulted in accurate match of the services to the industrial requirements, except for the inability to serve food on time in very busy period of day. The evaluation of the restaurant employees recognizes the necessity to follow the industrial standards and requirements to the company’s efficiency.

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