Social Media Strategy


  1. At least twenty three hours per week an average person spends online; this is the modern pace of life. The future belongs to Internet technologies. Investors, seeing that the company is an active social media player will be more confident in its future success, and accordingly, the justification of investments. The more interesting and readable an account in social networks is, the higher the chances for future success among potential customers are.
  2. Actively-updated, informative and interesting pages are a ready-made database of contacts – company’s social capital. The more followers the company has, the greater is its market. More people will get information about company’s production and opt to buy it. It is obvious savings in advertising and brand unwinding, more efficient, and, what most important unobtrusive promotion. It is not you who are looking for customers – the customers are looking for you.
  3. Based on my knowledge and experience, I would recommend my employer to spend for online advertising a half of all funds meant for advertising. It is necessary to have accounts in all the most popular social networks. Although TV occupies a significant part of the market, the influence of the Internet is growing constantly. Therefore, the control on the Internet is the key to success. I would recommend to establish special department that will be engaged only in social media strategy. I would advise the company to lessen the number of banner ads as they are a nuisance. In order to implement and maintain a successful social media strategy, the company’s employees should post only interesting and easy to understand information for every potential customer, regardless of gender and age. Besides, an active social media strategy should be constantly updated and maintained.
  4. Traditional mass media advertising had entered daily life so firmly and long ago that people often do not even notice it, or simply perceive it as a background. Contrary to this, the Internet is quite a new sphere, which people pay more attention to thus, it is simply impossible to perceive it as a background. Mass media form public opinion. Internet is capable to form it much more quickly and efficiently due to the fact that the vast majority of social network users are young people – the most active part of the society. The youth are the basic consumers and trendsetters.