Soccer Strategy

free essayPersonal Intrinsic Value (PIV) refers to the individual’s inborn value system (van Aken et al., 2012). It is a description of how intensely different people trust the things they believe in and evaluation of the limit they can reach to prove such faith. Namely, the traits associated with these people include eagerness to cooperate, social status, intellectual satisfaction, and competition. What is more, the idea of developing strategies that reflect these beliefs and the outcomes associated with them is related to the PIV notion too. Actually, designing the houses for every department of the PIV requires determination regarding the position of the organization, the resources it has to re-engineer the process and the vision of the future of that institution. Thus, such procedure needs an organization-wide change plan which is one of the most difficult things to achieve, especially, if various hindrances such as employees resistance, lack of resources and implementation of the formulated strategies appear (Norman, 1977). In order to overcome the underlying challenges, there is a need for a strong strategic leitmotif and for designing the ways how to bring it to life.

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The Three Houses

  1. Where We Are

A situational analysis reveals that soccer needs the Disruptive Innovations to correct the existent issues. Notably, it means that the forces of innovation need to be reactivated (De Ouden, 2012) since the fact that sponsors are running away is disturbing and the mimetic formation of the management clearly needs realignment. Furthermore, fewer young people engage in soccer and this situation also needs to be fixed because soccer is mostly a youthful sport.

  1. What We Have

It goes without saying that the presence of at least one sponsor for one team provides an asset to the organization. Consequently, the financial goodwill and the popularity of the team may redraw more sponsors when the good strategy is used. Over and above, a powerful human capital gives hope for building a better organization.

  1. Where We Want To Be

Vision: To be the world’s leading football team

Mission: To become a football team that respects its employees, motivates its players to discover their personal intrinsic value and offers the low cost sporting facilities for the surrounding community.

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Strategic Objectives

Year 1: To exceed $10 million during the next 8 years, increase the revenue by 10% annually and augment the number of the team sponsors from 1 to 5 as well as to employ a turnaround strategy and remove the non-performing sectors and departments in order to reduce the costs.

Year 2: To exploit the human capital and boost the employees efficiency through the use of the technologies available for communication, financial and human management. To train a team of professional youthful players who create value for the fans. To develop the leadership abilities regarding the top management and enhance the team bonding activities by 50%.

Year 3: To continually reengineer the best practices for the soccer organization. To develop and maintain the work plan that reduces redundancies and employee turnover.

The Strategic Leitmotif

We use The Kaizen Approach to implement our strategic leitmotif because it is a focal part of a continuous improvement, which is also attributed to Mintzberg’s Configuration School of a process transformation. Moreover, we believe that soccer is more dominated by a multitude of the rational motivations. Thus, reflecting the strategic leitmotif of the Soccer Organization, its major point is to develop a world-class soccer society that is inspired by the personal intrinsic values oriented towards achieving the best results and motivated to promote fans’ happiness. The mission of our strategic team is to safeguard and refine the competitive capacities of the organization as well as its clients and fans.

Change Plan

Identified reason for the change.

Firstly, the reason for the change was identified as the one related to the low performance of almost all the department and the reduced motivation of youths to join the team. Secondly, there was a copycat behaviour demonstrated by the strategic leadership besides the dwindling sponsorship and finances.

Type and scope of change.

This change plan will affect the jobs as well as the roles of the employees will change. The department of finance will undergo a thorough overhaul and the HR department will develop more training and staff motivation activities. Besides, the whole system will be computerized.

Stakeholder support.

Project sponsors will be enrolled in the company oversight committees to ensure the accountability. Another key point is that fans will be allowed to contribute by attending the special sessions. Significantly, a one-on-one interview will be conducted with the affected parties.

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Change management team.

Three HR representatives, 2 marketing department representatives, 3 finance department representatives, 2 managers, 5 sponsor representatives and 5 fans.

Top Management Support.

Each senior staff member will be required to provide a weekly or monthly feedback on the changes and the managers will be required to demonstrate the gradual alterations and to be in front of the changes.

Plan for each stakeholder.

Each stakeholder will have to indicate the areas which has not been addressed through the online and hard copy forms. As a result, the change management team will be charged with the duty of addressing these concerns.

Communication plan.

Organizational emails will be set up and feedback forms will be sent at regular intervals. An intercom will be installed in each office and a Facebook fan page will be open to get the views of the fans. Markedly, annual financial announcements will be made in accordance with the law. Each message will be consistent with the leitmotif and the vision of our organization. In fact, we expect to have a direct communication with the stakeholders and open the access to documents for the public’s scrutiny. The public document disclosure will provide the pathways for addressing the emerging issues.

How It Works

Tracking resistance.

The existence of resistance to the changes cannot be assumed. However, if so, in order to address this, the HR department will form the grievances committee so that the emerging issues could be solved. There will be an annual cash and non-cash motivation offered to the best performing employees. Undoubtedly, the procedure will be clear and competition-based. Job assurance and role ambiguity will be addressed on a week to week basis by the concerned supervisors. Nevertheless, biased attitudes and subjective opinions will not be accepted. Certainly, the top management’s cooperation has been assured and the failure to meet the expectations that are related to the changes will be addressed by the Board of Directors.

Addressing the roadblocks.

Through the communication channels provided, we hope to address the grievances on a daily basis. The strategic plans will be revised quarterly in order to assess the deviances and areas of adjustment.

Critical Success Factors of the Plan

There will be an increase in soccer sponsorship up to 5 sponsors during the first year. Additionally, the recruitment exercises will include the multicultural teams that reflect the face of the nation. More than that, finances will be strategically managed for the success of the organization. There will be a 70% increase in organization of the advertising and the employee retains ability will be expected to become 98%. A new sports facility will be built within 10 months.

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In conclusion, this study aimed at designing the most appropriate change plan with the productive strategies. To clarify, we rely on the Mintzberg’s Configuration School to provide the way forward for the perspective soccer organization. In general, the plan  highlighted the important theories and techniques to design an effective change plan that would address the concerns of virtually all the stakeholders.

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