San Mateo City

free essayIn today’s society, the need for modernized skyscrapers and improved transport systems such as highways and airports have led to the creation of megacities and metropolitans which are also designed to accommodate any future changes that might occur (New Urbanism Division). A properly structured city is one that is designed in a way that can withstand any natural elements extremities. Architectures are, therefore, to design cities that are economically efficient and environmentally sustainable; this means that the built structures such as hospitals and schools should be properly positioned while also ensuring the environmental conservation.

San Mateo city population keeps on increasing which prompts the need for proper designing and management of the city that would ensure that the resources are effectively used. Namely, the key areas of interests that should be addressed in the city are the environmental sustainability condition and the economic efficiency. This essay, hence, seeks to describe how San Mateo is properly designed to make it a sustainable and pleasant place to live while determining how the city functions. It will also highlight what changes can be made to improve the quality of the life of those living in the city while trying to increment the level of fulfillment, justice, and happiness.

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Environmental Sustainability in San Mateo

Environmental issues have been of a great concern not only in the United States but all around the world urging the need for reactive and proactive measures to protect the environment. Notably, every city should be designed to adopt to any development patterns and modern structures that will ensure sustainability (Smart growth policy guide). San Mateo has also taken precautions to improve its environmental conditions by using an air quality monitoring station with the help of which pollution from both industries and automobiles is reduced. This will, as a result, diminish the high rates of the respiratory diseases cases being recorded in hospitals. The environment will me made suitable for the residents to live in a more sustainable and safe surrounding leading to a very happy and pleased population. Markedly, San Mateo’s beach has a high rate of water pollution that needs to be addressed. It is usually caused by the contaminants such as motor oils and pesticides that are washed into the beach waters. Under those circumstances there is a need to try to control the amount of stormwater being drained at the bay by using effective drainage and sewer lines in the city. If this is achieved, then the level of the contamination in the city can be reduced. The population of the city is bound to increase yearly which will, in its turn, contribute to boosting the waste pollution. In fact, to ensure that the level of cleanliness is maintained, the government should encourage recycling and proper disposal programs in the city. A healthy and environmentally friendly city will give the residents a sense of fulfillment and happiness as they go on their day to day activities.

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Economic Efficiency and Prosperity in San Mateo

Increase and expansion of the various economic sectors in the city such as industrial sector, farming sector, and trade sector have contributed to the growth in the job opportunities. Thereupon, this has reduced the rate of unemployment in the city thus creating an environment that is friendly and encouraging. A population that is employed means that its standards of living are high and the poverty levels have decreased. However, more job opportunities need to be created in order to increase the level of fulfillment and happiness in the city since this will mean more wages to the working population.

Why it is a Pleasant Place to Live

According to the American Planning Association, a city should have incorporated the land use which would ensure that the city is designed to accommodate all the areas of the community. These areas include the quality of architecture and urban design, sustainable practices, and transport systems (Smart growth policy guide). San Mateo is designed to promote the new urbanism. As a matter of fact, the city has sustainable environmental practices that minimize the environmental impacts. It also has the well-designed structures which give the city the allowance to expand with the increase in the population. What is more, the city has encouraged smart growth which grants the population the choices on the modes of transport and jobs they would like to engage in. Most people in its community prefer to use hybrid automobiles and buses and the proper land use in the city makes it a more sustainable and pleasant place to live in.

How It Works

How the City Functions

The city has a very rich historical background that has been protected and conserved. This combined with the beautiful sightseeing sceneries, amazing coastlines, and parks have been the key site areas which have made the city one of the most favorable places for the most tourists. It goes without saying that the revenue earned has increased the economic status of the city. San Mateo acts as an economic center with many industries available on its market. Consequently, this has created an employment of the residents and improved their living standards as well as reduced the unemployment in the city. In addition, the city has a very effective law enforcement team that ensures that its streets are safer and justice can be easily administered when needed. The availability of the civic and public buildings that can be easily accessed and a wide range of commercial activities proves that San Mateo is fulfilling the requirements needed to ensure a city is smart and green (U.S Green Building Council).

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Changes Needed

The city is in a dire need of a proper drainage infrastructure significant for the need of the effective sewer lines which are old and tend to overflow. Therefore, the discharge of the untreated sewage into the bay and waterways has increased the level of the water pollution. This problem has to be addressed effectively in order to minimize the health cases caused. The city has to address the level of solid waste management too because the population keeps on rising which leads to the elevation in the solid waste generation and its disposal. If better drainage systems are created, that will redirect to the place where the waste water is being deposited and then the cases of water pollution will be reduced. Significantly, recycling and reusing should be encouraged so that solid waste could be effectively managed.


To conclude, San Mateo does take into consideration the requirements needed in the new urbanism and smart growth which were caused by the expansion of the city. Its design takes into account the sustainability, housing structures, and the quality of life in the city. This, subsequently, creates a place that is readily able to adopt to the increase in the population by providing the needed services and infrastructure. So, the city is a pleasant and humane place to live.