Privacy While Using Mobile Commerce Sites


Mobile communication network represents a considerable part of the development of modern technologies; therefore, it makes a great impact on the life and activity of any community of the world. Certainly, such progress of humanity involves a lot of advantages and drawbacks, which have their influence on society in general and on every person in particular. The lack of privacy is considered as one of the most important disadvantages of today’s mobile network because of infringement of human right to private and personal data.

Do You Care about Your Privacy While Using Mobile Commerce Sites?

Today, the world-wide distribution of mobile communication networks happens to be more efficient than distribution of other up-to-date technologies. It is considered that the utilization of iPad and smart phones has caused the burst in the development of contemporary technologies. At the same time, it infringes upon the privacy and protection on these networks.

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To my mind, mobile phones are characterized more by some negative features concerning privacy than positive. First of all, usage of any mobile network supposes the existence of SIM card identifiers which help to detect geographic location of mobile device. In addition, the availability of such determiner provides the opportunity of interference in the wireless mobile communications for the interested companies or individuals. Speaking about smart phones and their level of privacy, it should be mentioned that this type of mobile devices is able to transmit a big amount of information and data which means the transfer of personal evidence onto the public eye in the Internet. Furthermore, the privacy of personal data can be infringed by certain Internet platforms, such as the mobile service Internet provider, device manufacturer, operating system provider and app providers. Actually, each one concentrates on the definite level of user’s personal information. Any smart phone has different sensors, communication chips and platforms which make the comprehension of privacy more difficult for users.

Of course, the mobile communication networks interfere with all spheres of everyday life. Moreover, it includes the process of maintenance of the relationships between family members, community and peers. Nevertheless, the safety of personal data remains one of the most important priorities in the development of the up-to-date society. Therefore, it is obvious that using mobile commerce sites has a negative impact on an individual’s privacy.

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