Positive Image of Organization and CSR

free essayCorporate social responsibility (CSR) is the concept in organizational behavior that relates to my experience. CSR is a business model according to which an organization manages its actions with an attempt to produce an overall positive influence on the society. Specifically, CSR has a wide-reaching impact on a company’s reputation among all the stakeholders.

The Corporate Social Responsibility Experience l personally experienced the influence of CSR when the organization l worked for decided to venture into a new market after realizing that the current market had become saturated. Being in the fast-food industry, we conducted a survey of the new market to evaluate the prospects of extending our business line. ln the process, l discovered that the society favored the idea of us starting a business in their location. lt turned out that the organization had a strong reputation for managing to uphold an image that related well with all of its stakeholders. The basic concept of treating employees well and minimizing ethical lapses, such as ignoring environmental regulations, within the organization played a significant role in creating a company’s positive image in the society. My organization had a policy of placing the needs of its employees first since they were the ones who represented the company and interacted the public.

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The management took into consideration the fact that organizational behavior could be influenced by the employees in good or bad ways. Having a strong employee policy ensured that customer relations were fruitful. The impact of this policy was only felt once the business began to expand into other markets. Corporate reputation is established as a multi-stakeholder concept because it reflects the stakeholders’ perception of an organization. ln particular, l noted that the company’s reputation with its employees has a significant impact on its reputation with the consumers and the society. Evidently, the positive image ensured that the business successfully expanded into the new market. lt was easy for our organization to market its brand. ln addition, l have learned that CSR was a key concept that influenced the direction of a services-oriented organization.

lnsights into the Concept of CSR lt is important that any business goes above and beyond making profits to serve the interests and needs of all stakeholders. ln my case, CSR applies strongly because its impact on the future prospects of any organization cannot be ignored. l have learned that remaking an organization’s troubled image into a positive one requires time and managerial resources. However, investing in CSR by being ethical in its practices and taking global standards into consideration can help to gain an edge over the competitors. These skills can only be guided by a company’s management. As a result, CSR has to become a culture associated with an organization, and future employees should follow such a model as well. lmproving corporate reputation is still one of the most important motivations for taking part in CSR. Personally, l look forward to joining a company that has incorporated CSR into its business model.

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That is, the company’s efforts should be directed towards positively influencing its stakeholders. Moreover, l would like to work for a company that always behaves responsibly. l would recommend that all business organizations develop a CSR strategy that resonates well with the structure of the society to effectively influence their decisions. Business organizations should take all stakeholders into consideration because reputations seem to interact across all stakeholders.