free essayThe case about the Pixar’s road to success enlightened the ability of one’s dream to come true. A group of talented individuals once founded the Pixar Studio for their non-profit performance. They wanted to create animated films in order to grant happiness to families all around the world, like Disney does. Hence, after some time, they made some interesting decisions in order to develop their way in animated films production. Surely, they were also lucky to meet Steve Jobs, who supported them all the way to the top and it should have been impossible to achieve all the respect and success without him. However, their performance was outstanding due to their overall talent and creativity, too.

First of all, the company started its work with the perfect cause – its founders wanted to make animated movies that would look like a real life show. However, they did not have too many people to be top-productive. Jobs mentioned that their performance was based on few persons, but they were all in their place. Each individual in that future billionaire club’s company had a specific task and was better than everyone else in that unique field. There was a man who was in charge of making stories, the man who programmed all those visual effects, the one who supervised all of the above, the one who worked out details, and many other people who generated ideas for that firm to achieve the final goal – to create a masterpiece. The company’s rule was to create a perfect story with meaning because, otherwise, a fail story cannot be saved even by the perfect animation. Therefore, a specific group of people who generate tons of ideas for a certain amount of time and with a clear objective to be unique and creative makes the stories. After that, it takes almost a couple of years to work out all the details, which should work well on the screen, too.

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Pixar generated best professionals in their specific task and inspired thousands of families around the world. Some of their employees work even more than 50 hours a week just to serve the greater cause and earn reasonable money. Over the top of that, the company is thinking about its personnel and it pays attention to a burnout potential. It tracks people’s performance and tries to keep everyone healthy and wealthy. The company generated the best possible working environment that creates the happiness, and its employees’ work is filled with joy. Jobs understood those values and tried to help Pixar in its performance. On the other side, he advised merging with Disney because it was the only company that could help Pixar in its performance. However, it was a critical mistake for the firm.
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Pixar offered the best computer programs that could provide the unique effects for different movies’ features. Characters could be developed by the advanced computer tools in order to make them look real. The company won even more awards than Disney during its top-performing streak, and that was for a reason. The latter was always about cartoons rather than animated movies. There is a strict line between the dream story and the realization of the animation miracles on the screen. Pixar tried its best in order to present the high-quality product and found the way those characters can be “alive” on the screen. That is a miracle compared to Disney’s dream stories. Unfortunately, the Disney Company had no ability to follow that trend, but they had money to buy Pixar.

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Those values that were on the top of that company’s performance now would not work in the Disney’s world. Surely, the latter put its current CEOs on the top of the mixed development studio, but that is not enough. Any margin will result in the clash of ideas and the collapse of understandings. New figures that work in the Pixar Company will have their own ideas, but they do not know how to work in a new firm with new values. This thing can be managed with time, but the corporation’s risk is not reasonable. Pixar could still generate high-quality movies each year and grow further in order to overcome Disney one day.

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On the other side, they just granted their production ability to Disney for a low cost. The latter did not have the capacity of creating the best movies themselves because it did not have those developing programs that Pixar generated previously. Additionally, it had those developers in its crew, and that could be the worst decision to share them. Now, Disney has the ability to use them in its perspective so that Pixar will never get better than the former while it had such potential. On the top of that, the saddest thing here is that Disney bought Pixar for a price of their company of the date of the deal. Considering the fact, that the latter was a fast growing firm that could overrun Disney, it was a critical mistake to make that deal at that moment. Pixar could earn billions just waiting a couple of years. On the other side, its owners could not sell their company to Disney at all and earn that money in the long run. However, it was a financial mistake for them based on a wrong prediction of their future performance. As a fact, Pixar understood what viewers wanted, and its animated movies were the best in the world. Therefore, its financial decision was a mistake in the long run that granted it only a short term profit.