Personal Worldview

free essayWe think, understand, and percept the world differently because we have the differences in behavior, beliefs, values, and attitudes. Not without a reason, every person has his/her worldview or philosophy that is formed under the influence of the approaches to life, reality, knowledge, and human history.

Factors Contributing to the Development of Personal Worldview

My personal worldview is my life philosophy that explains how I view my life and what values I appreciate to remain ethical and moral person and see the boundary between good and evil. I believe that every person has a specific objective that should be fulfilled by the actions, behavior, and spirituality. Furthermore, I think that every person has his/her calling that reinforces the importance of his/her life and presence in the world. Spirituality is always associated with the church and moral laws that oblige a person to be ethical. Moreover, it is related to religious values as they are temporal and ecclesiastic (Cobb, 2012). For me, spirituality is the richness of the inner world, positive feelings and emotions, ethical actions and decisions. I also see spirituality in the ability to take care of inner self-development that is more important than appearance.

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Pluralism is the tendency to having more than one opinion, belief, and attitude to something. For example, pluralism is typical to cultures and religious traditions (Baghramian & Ingram, 2001). It means that a person can be committed to more than one culture or religion. As for me, I am not against the diversity but pluralism is not typical of me as I appreciate one culture and one religion. However, I accept the ethnic, religious, racial, and cultural diversity in the society. Scientism in its turn is a dogmatic and full of uncertainties philosophy that believes that science is the solution to every problem (Sorell, 2013). I am not the supporter of scientism as it contradicts to principles of spirituality, but I believe that science is a driving force of the human life as well as spirituality. However, science cannot be the only way to the explanation of many processes, phenomena, and concepts of human life. As far as postmodernism is concerned, it is a contemporary philosophy that is based on skepticism about other philosophies and worldviews based on a reason and ideology. The strength of postmodernism that it does not stand any restrictions and limitations and appreciates the freedom of thinking as well as insists that there is no boundary between good and evil, positive and negative, moral and immoral (DeWitt, 2010). In some measure, I support postmodernism as it is really difficult to determine what is good or bad, since every person has his/her vision of any concept.
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I think that prime reality is God as I relate most things, processes, and phenomenon of the world with God and spirituality. I do not think that material cosmos and scientism can answer such questions as what is a human being and what happens to person after death. Prime reality is God because material cosmos does not take into account human inner world and soul. The nature of external reality is created orderly by the superior force. As human appears in both objective and subjective realities, cosmos cannot explain the reasons for this. The external reality is the world created by God as He designed the rules that make and encourage everything to be in the harmony.

A human being is created in the image of God and characterized by creativity, morality, self-transcendence, and intelligence. All human beings were made moral and good, but the tendency to sins has changed them. I do not share the opinion that people are the outcomes of cosmos suggested by the New Age. Without a doubt, human beings can make themselves as Postmodernism suggests but with their thoughts, actions, and behavior. I think that after death, a person will start another life that is eternal and determined by his/her actions, behavior, and values in the current life. The separation from God and immoral actions can lead to the hell. I believe that the soul of a human being is eternal, but people can influence their everlasting life with their actions and thoughts; therefore, it is important to make them moral and ethical.

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It is possible to know anything at all because God has provided us with the ability to learn about the world, receive new knowledge, and develop things. The main thing is to use this ability properly. Those people who use the ability to learn are knowledgeable, skillful, and hard-working, and those who fail to use this ability are ignorant. God has explained people what is right and what is wrong. However, people fail to use His studies and have their vision of ethics and morality that can contradict to those of others people. Moreover, the Bible contains the rules that explain what is right and what is wrong, the main thing is to follow them. Furthermore, the image of God, whose character is moral and positive, helps us to develop into kind-hearted and ethical personalities. The meaning of human history is in the ability to creation, fall, and redemption. It means that all people have these abilities but they use them in different ways. Finally, the meaning of human history is to understand God’s purpose, prepare for an everlasting life, and create paradise on Earth.

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In conclusion, it is necessary to say that my personal worldview is based on the principles of Christianity as I believe that God is responsible for everything that takes place in our world. My personal worldview is the unity of beliefs in God and His superiority, morality and spirituality as driving forces of human beings, and abilities provided by God to live, create, learn, and be moral and kind-hearted. I do not support explanation of human worldview provided by postmodernism, pluralism, and scientism. However, these philosophies have the right to existence.