Outcome of the New York City Mayoral Election 2013

free essayThe paper is aimed at discussing the relationship of the newly elected mayor with other city wide elected officials, the City Council, advocates, organizations, and New Yorkers. The special interest represents the political and administrative relationship of the mayor’s activity and the way administration is going to address and implement new policies. The serious attention will be paid to understand the interchange of power and politics, as well as the roles and responsibilities of the mayor’s office. Moreover, the subject matter of the paper is to analyze local legislature considering its conciliation or opposition to the new mayor’s activity and his administration.

Mayoral Election 2013

The last mayoral election of New York City took place on the 5th of November, 2013. The electing process of the city header was accompanied by elections of other important officials. Therefore, the new public advocate, comptroller, borough presidents, and Council members have been elected recently to compose the city government.

These elections resulted in the victory of Bill De Blasio who was the first Democrat to win the office since 1989 (Saul, 2013). The election campaign of the candidate has been founded on the strong opposing to the policy of his predecessor, Michael Bloomberg. Therefore, there is gong to be a serious shift in the policy implemented in the city. It is the first elected progressive mayor within the generation and only the second one for the much longer period of time. De Blasio has stable and deep roots in the area of progressive politics in the city as he has worked in the office of the previous progressive mayor. David Dinkins has given him the stung base in his political career and also provided him with the important knowledge, skills, and acquaintances in the New York political sphere. This also provided the future election-winner with the strong and steady connections with the labor unions and series of progressive initiatives and causes in the region. Therefore, the success of the election campaign of the candidate has not been the long unknown way to the top, but perfectly coordinated professional scheme that included the smart and strong candidate, the well-reasoned criticism of the opponent, coordinated work with the social media and a certain amount of luck in the process. The candidate gained the victory on the general election by acclamation. Although this is a serious political success, the acclamation victory also makes the future policy of the New York mayor extremely complicated as the expectations of the citizens will be varied, big, and promising. This creates the real dilemma for the office considering the serious amount of people that expect radical changes to be implemented in the political life of the city while the other group will want him to follow the course of his predecessor with no serious changes and sharp edges in the new political or economic issues. The strongest position of De Blasio’s campaign was his decision to abandon the series of the educational reforms that have been implemented by the mayor Bloomberg and proved to be aggressive and ineffective. Here, the compromise can be found with the series of other elected officials such as the comptroller, public advocate, and members of the City Council. The good perspectives of the future relationship settlement are based on the fact that this is the first time for many years when the mayor and the governor have some personal relations and prior professional connections as there is between Bill De Blasio and Andrew Cuomo, the governor. The previous experience of professional co-working had been gained by De Blasio when he used to work in the office of Cuomo within the Department of the Urban Development (Lovett, 2013). The perfect relations of the two politicians are also proved by the fact that both of them in the different periods served as the unofficial advisers of each other. However, the close relationship that exists between these two people will go through the serious check in the new dimension of the mayor-governor relations. The effectiveness of the coordinated work of these two government officials will reflect the change in the development of the political and economic growth of New York City. The only serious challenge represents the course that De Blasio has chosen to control the office strictly in order to diminish the corruption that has inflicted the government of the city. Misunderstandings or complex issues might arise in the relationship with the public advocates. De Blasio associates the level of existing problems with the one that took place earlier this year when the councilman has been arrested for the abuse of his discretion funding in the bribery scheme. Therefore, a series of the similar arrests of the officials and following complicated judicial processes might occur in the nearest time. This also puts the relationship between the mayor and new members of the City Council to the new scale.

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The new administration will concentrate first of all on the policies implemented by its predecessor as one of the main targets of the new elected mayor is to put down the aggressive initiatives implemented by the Republican mayor that took place during the last years. The serious support for the campaign was the new program that De Blasio proposed to be settled in the area of affordable accommodation for the New York citizens. This policy will be implemented in practice with the settlement of the strict control system of the entire problem areas and in particular the observation of the worst landlord’s list (De Blasio, 2013). De Blasio is also highly motivated to oppose the bureaucracy that is said to be present among the rent assistance tenants and landlords. At the same time, the office of the mayor is going to settle the program of preserving new affordable units to the citizens and the stimulation of the investment in the building sphere. In addition, Bill De Blasio during his campaign has been absolutely clear in his plans to reduce the existing economic and social inequality with the settlement of taxes on the rich and new investment to the stimulation programs for the poor citizens (Schragger, 2013).

All these innovations will be logically followed by the general change in politics and power of the representatives of government authorities. The shift will be also felt in the distribution and the real meaning of certain roles and the responsibilities distributed within the office of the mayor. The most serious shift will be felt in the existing social order in the society, as the proper period of the Republican mayor Michael Bloomberg has been marked by the stable economic development and successful pass through the financial crisis period, the falling number of crime commitments, and the stable growth of social inequality that had a serious negative impact on the population. The general economic data cannot show the negative impact of the notion, although it can be felt by each member of the New York City society.

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The perspective healthy and good professional relationship with the newly elected members of the New York City Council is rather more optimistic as one of the most known members Melissa Mark -Viverita was among the first politicians to endorse the victory of De Blasio in the mayoral elections that was a real serious support for the candidate (Gartland, 2013). This positive attitude is caused by the intelligence of the future mayor, his reputation and liberal views that are extremely important within the contemporary political environment. The series of innovative progressive reforms that will be launched in the nearest future might change the series of attitudes towards his political figure, for example, the implementation of the stop-and-frisk policy. The general aim to reduce corruption and social inequality will give him really good supporters considering that his targets are logical and fair, and they are supposed to lead to the improvement of the political, social, and economic situation in New York. The general amount of the city council members will support these targets and programs as a result the political and administrative functions will be effectively implemented in the existing environment. Therefore, that will give the mayor additional ability to change the existing order and improve the financial and social wellbeing of the citizens through the flexible and operative city policy.