A Basketball Dream

free essayMany people have a place where they can go and be free, as well as be themselves without any implications. It is a place where they can just forget about the problems of their daily lives. Such a place for me is a basketball court. I love watching basketball, and I have always wanted to learn how to play it. When I was nine years old, it was the first time I watched a basketball game. Both teams were famous. Their intensive competition and perfect performance deeply impressed me. Finally, I was not only attracted by this game, but I also wanted to understand what emotions and feelings playing basketball evokes. I thought that watching games was impressive, but playing them could be much more interesting. However, it was very hard to a boy who was only nine years old to play this game as I was too short to throw the ball into the high basket. Nevertheless, in high school, I achieved my dream. The day I tried to play basketball was not only my first memorable experience, but also the time when I changed my attitude towards life.

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It was like a dream. Every moment was perfect. That day, I passed several tests and after school flirted with girls. I felt like the happiest person in the world because I knew that I would go with my friend to the court to learn how to play basketball. Finally, we went there. It was not the first time I was inside a basketball court as I had been there several times with my father when we had watched games. I knew well how they looked like. However, it seemed to me that everything was new and unfamiliar to me when I stepped on the very court. It looked like not real.

When I stepped on the floor, I felt a sense of never-ending joy and satisfaction. It was my first time when I picked up a basketball in the court. While holding it in my hands, I felt like a king, or maestro performing his symphony. I felt that I was in complete control of the ball. I joined a team, which included one of my friends at the time, Jim. He was a successful player who eventually went on to play for our high school team. So, I was with people who knew what they were doing.

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Jim showed me how to hold a ball and pass it. The whole process of shooting, passing, as well as dribbling, seemed marvelous. While learning those skills, I went into ecstasies even though I did not have an idea what I was doing. I admit that I did not play well. I still remember a sequence in which I ran across the court. Those images have imprinted on my mind. I vividly remember how I held the ball in my hands. Sweat was pouring off the forehead into my eyes. I looked at the hoop and prepared to shoot the first throw. My friend and the rest of the team yelled words and phrases of encouragement. I made the first shot, and the ball flew through the air. Adrenaline coursed through my veins. After a moment that seemed like a century, it sank in the rim with a loud swoosh, and all players roared. Jim and all teammates rushed up to me, slapped me on the back and cheered me. It was a great feeling when several players came up to me and said, “It is a good start!”  I cannot describe those emotions that I felt at that time. It was only me, the ball, and court, and nothing else. I did not feel any fear, pressure, or even the lack of faith. It was as if the second I laced up my shoes and stepped on the court floor, the fact that I could not play basketball at all just disappeared. The game, as well as the peace that filled the court, took away all negative feelings, emotions, and sadness.

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However, the day I learned to play basketball, I also became a witness of an incident that happened to my friend. The ball was passed to one of the players and he started to run down the court. Jim was open and ready to catch the ball. Therefore, he yelled to the team player with the ball to pass him. He threw it to Jim, who turned around to catch it and suddenly injured his leg. I was near him at that time. It seemed to me that I heard a crackle in his leg. My friend hit the floor and grabbed his leg in pain. It was scary. For a moment I thought that I was me who was injured. However, it was my friend. He lay there for about several seconds. After that, two other players helped him to get to the bench, where he spent the rest of the game with an ice pack on his upper leg. Luckily, the injury was not serious, and after two weeks Jim was ready to play basketball again. I should admit that it was not an exciting scene. However, it helped me realize that not everything is perfect in that kind of sport.

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It took me a couple of weeks to acquire basic skills necessary for playing basketball. With the rest of the basketball players from the team, I went to a summer basketball camp. We organized basketball tournaments where we played three games in one day. As a result, I could not imagine a week without being able to touch a ball.

Hence, I should admit that the process of learning how to play basketball has substantially changed my life. It helped me not only to get a new hobby, but also understand that every game had its unique aspects that might lead to a failure. At present time, I attend basketball court twice a week. The court is a place where I can relax and forget about daily routine. I am grateful to my friend Jim and his team players because they showed me that sport is the most exciting thing in life. Now, I understand that being a player does not only mean dribbling a ball, but also becoming better than previously. It requires passion, a high level of self-control, as well as dedication.

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Being a part of the basketball team helped me learn social communication skills, which I use today. Besides teaching me endurance, playing basketball has also taught me how to be confident and never lose faith in myself. Besides, it helped me to meet a lot of people, many of whom are now my good friends. Basketball has not only helped me to find friends, but also taught me how to enjoy my life. For example, many aspects of life are similar to this kind of sport. Basketball is both a team and an individual game. In my life, I have to cooperate with other people as well. Those communication skills that I learned from basketball helped me to communicate with friends, classmates, teachers and parents. Playing this game showed me how to strive for excellence. It also showed me that I should never give up in my life, as well as to improve and change every day till I reach my goal.

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