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free essayMechanical design engineers are very vital in the automotive industries in any given country or nation all over the world. They help meet the new demands that arise due to the many changes that are prone to occur in the field of automotive (Efficient Drivetrains Inc 1). The current mechanical design engineers are highly equipped with the necessary knowledge to bring about the desirable changes by meeting the demands in place. This has not been the case with the engineers in the past ten years. It is believed that the creation of good relationships with the persons in charge helps a lot in securing job opportunities. This is often done or achieved through regular direct or indirect communication through phones, emails and other forms and means of communication.

Current Demand for New Hires in Entry-level Job and Continuing Five-Year Outlook

There has been a great rise in demand for new hires in entry-level job for mechanical design engineers. Mainly, this occurs because of the new changes that have taken already place and that call for the implementation of appropriate strategies to address them accordingly. The increase in demand for the new hires is caused by the changes in place such as the introduction of the new technology, the increased demand for the automobiles, and the increased size of the market (“Job Description: Mechanical Design Engineer” 1). Therefore, the automotive industry managers have to hire the personnel to facilitate the new changes, the design of which presupposes no failure. They are to be hired to ensure that they readily adopt the new technology that is about to be introduced (Steven 20).

The current mechanical design engineers are trained in such a way that they are able to adapt to the new technology that is being introduced. For instance, they are able to use technology in such a manner that they reduce the amount of the materials needed to construct vehicles such as automobiles, for example. The modern automotive industry is technology-oriented and not material-oriented. This also helps in the reduction of the cost of production, which is especially so for the materials that are used as inputs in the production processes in the automotive industries (“Job Description” 1).

The demand for the new hires has also been increased because of the scarcity that has been present in the past few years due to lack of sufficient quantities of working personnel in the automotive industries. This has been caused by the fact that few people enroll for this kind of engineering courses. In addition, lack of sufficient quantity of training engineering institutions for this particular field has contributed to the scarcity of the engineers with regard to this type of industry. Today, the demand for new hires is gender sensitive unlike in the past, where only the males were favoured in the job opportunities. In the following five years, the demand for the new hires is also going to increase because of the growing demands for changes in the automotive industry (“Automobile Industry Market Research”).

Methods Used to Get the Job

The fact that there are high demands for the mechanical design engineers is especially evident in the automotive industry. Therefore, a number of different methods will be employed to ensure that we get the job. There was stiff competition for the jobs, and only those with the right qualifications got the job. The engineers had to employ different techniques to secure job opportunities. This included personal development whereby individuals gained the necessary skills apart from what they had been empowered with while in class. Personal development involved improving one’s skills in terms of confidence where one was able to express his or her ideas without any problem. Apparently, they could visit the automotive industry managers in person where they could express out their views out with regard to their interests as a mechanical design engineers. Through this, they could express their ideas well and convince the managers that they had the potential and that they were indeed the right people that the managers could be looking for to work with (“Automobile Industry Market Research”).

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In addition, while looking for a job in the automotive industry, one can use indirect communication between the managers and those looking for a job. In other words, the use of application letters with the attached curriculum vitae is helpful in the search. The applicants show their qualifications and the achievements they have ever made in life in relation with their field. They talk of their abilities and show how much potential they have with regards to what is expected in the areas they are interested to be employed, as in as the mechanical design engineers in automotive industry. The managers in charge get convinced with all the information after which they respond to the information by offering the engineers new employment opportunities they have been looking for by employing different methods that help them get the job (Hirsh et al.).


Compensation should be done at all costs and grounds as this will act as a motivation for the workers, especially the new hired mechanical design engineers at the entry-level job. It is also an implication that workers are being recognized in terms of their labor and all their efforts that they put in place to facilitate the production process (Herrmann 1). Good compensation, on the other hand, increases productivity and efficiency in any field of work as it acts as an aspect of motivation. In most cases, mechanical design engineers are exposed to certain risks that are prone to occur and that may have negative implications on their well-being (Herrmann 1). They are exposed to risky working conditions where accidents are likely to occur at any time, hence affecting them negatively. Therefore, they should be protected and compensated for in cases where risks and accidents do occur (“Mechanical Design Engineer Salary”). Compensation can be done in the form of salaries as a reward for their labor and the skills they contribute to any production process in their areas of work. The salaries and wages should be proportionate to their working conditions and magnitude of the risks they are exposed to (“Mechanical Design Engineer Salary”). The risky the working conditions of the mechanical design engineers’ are, the higher the compensation rate is. This will help to cater for all the needs of the engineer without compromising with his or her well-being.

Beginning Compensation

Beginning compensation should be established in such a way that it should cover and cater for all the risks an individual is exposed to as well as cater for their social well-being in terms of their needs. For instance, a beginning compensation for a mechanical design engineer in United States should be approximately at least $50,000 per month as this would help to cater for the needs of this person as well as the risks he or she is exposed to (Steven 29). For example, the average annual salary of a mechanical engineer is $65,807 (“Mechanical Design Engineer Salary”). The compensation, on the other hand, should be higher as compared to national average of all jobs. Due to the fact that engineers are exposed to more risks than any employees in the economy, their compensation level should be above that of any employee in other fields of work who is exposed to fewer risks (“Mechanical Design Engineer Salary”). However, the pay increases depending on the city, experience, skill, and employer. The following table shows comparative salaries of a mechanical engineering designer.

Variable Salary (US $)
Average Salary 65,807
+City 50,000
+Experience 57,000
+Skill 66,000
+Employer 77,000
+Job type 92,000

Source: PayScale Website

After 3 years of work as a mechanical engineer, an individual should then be compensated more based on their years of experience. The more an engineer is exposed to his or her field of work for a longer period of time, the more one should be compensated for. This should be done mainly because the more individuals are exposed to their areas of work for long periods of time, the more they gain experience and skills, hence the greater their impact and contribution are felt and realized in society. If a mechanical design engineer has stayed in his area of career for a period of 5 years, he should be compensated twice as one was being compensated for when he started working (Steven 41).

Possible Career Growth Paths

On gaining experience with regard to a given job based on the period and number of years one is exposed to his job, one may attain certain advancements and achievements with regard to his field of work. For example, one may decide to be the boss or manager of his or her own. He/she may opt to start up his own automotive industry or company where he can offer employment opportunities to the society, which is often the case with mechanical design engineers. The engineer can decide to initiate changes on his own without any restrictions from anyone because one would have gained the powers to exercise authority over others (Peterson and Tiffany 55).

On gaining enough experience, the engineer can also start up a training institution where other certified and qualified engineers could be generated to ensure continuity in production processes in automotive industries. This will imply transfer of skills from one engineer to other, which is a result of the experience they get from their jobs or fields of work. Mechanical design engineers can also become good managers in the sense that they can decide to shift from their field of specialization to other fields by adding value to their skills like, for instance, pursuing other causes apart from just engineering that would enable them to be good managers and record keepers. They can pursue causes like business management and entrepreneurship.

On gaining experience after a long period of exposure in their fields, engineers can startup businesses to sell goods and other products that support the growth of automotive industries. For example, they can engage in selling of vehicle spare parts and other spare parts of the automobiles. These businesses, on the other hand, will help in the provision of employment, hence generation of income for people working in them (Hirsch et al.). Through this, the engineer will help in the improvement of the social well-being of communities as individuals will be able to meet their basic needs of the time using the income they generate as a result of their labor. Partnerships also facilitate mobilization of both labor and technology from other nations that are more developed especially in the automotive sector. These benefits trickle down to those nations that are underdeveloped. They lead to the development and growth of their economies mainly because the advancement in the automotive industries has both spillover effects and linkages to other sectors of the economy, which creates development (Hirsch et al.).

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In summary, the contribution of the mechanical design engineers to the development of any society is highly recognized. Therefore, they should be compensated accordingly without any failure to keep motivating towards the development of the economy and society in general. The automotive sector should not be neglected at all because it has vital contributions towards the growth of any nation or country. The essay also noted that linkage such as the development of infrastructure has positive impacts on the economy, especially in improving and developing the social well-being of communities. This, in most cases, takes place as the result of the improvements and benefits of the development of the automotive industry contributed by the experienced mechanical design engineers. The engineer can also use his or her long-term experience to partner with other engineers globally whereby they exchange ideas and information with regard to this field. This greatly contributes to great development advances in the automotive industries.

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