Me and Writing

free essayI realize that I have to dig deep into my inner self to find out what makes me a writer. However, I can only guess because it is impossible to know the precise answer. For this reason, I will focus on how I perceive my writing skills, as I love reading and would like to ask the great authors why they wrote. I guess they would tell me that they write because it is impossible for them not to do that. This is exactly how I feel sometimes. Essentially, writing is a higher intellectual activity that demands a person to be well educated, intelligent, psychologically stable, and literate. It would be difficult for me as well to create a piece of writing having no such qualities. Nevertheless, I believe that writing is a form of expression and dedication, which means that desire to express feelings and thoughts is essential to any writer.

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To be a writer, you must not only express yourself in writing but also write creatively. When it comes to the assessment of writing, we divide people into writers (who write well) and amateurs. I am not sure if I am a writer now, but I want to become a good one, who deals with topical philosophical, psychological and social issues.  It means that my task is not only to tell the story but also to share my personality so that the world come through my words. The ability to let the entire world history inside of my mind and soul makes one a writer. In my opinion, writing is a form of connection with humanity. To write means to be independent of the current popular culture and provide a new perspective on common things. Obviously, my writing depends on my personality, including my preferences in reading and media products.  It is dangerous for me because my reading tastes influence my writing sufficiently. I like certain authors and want to write as good as they do. Though media has an impact on my personality, I manage to ignore it when I write because for me it means to be new in the old world.
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My Rituals

I like using the word ‘ritual’ because it makes the process of writing sound sacred and magical. I believe that writing as an act of transcending is divine. I could not call my rituals mystical or unusual as they are based on rationality. First, I cannot write if I am hungry or thirsty. The process requires much energy, so I should not be exhausted before writing. If I have to prepare for writing (read articles or books), I do it earlier. It is easier for me to write if I have slept prior to starting the work. 40 minutes is enough for me to let the brain process the necessary information. Taking into account neurobiological researches, I do my best to make my brain as effective as possible. Second, I read an inspiring novel or academic article.

How It Works

It depends on what I have to write. My physiological needs should also be satisfied as I have to let my brain work hard by switching off my consciousness. That is why, I look for a piece of writing that motivates me and a cup of tea or coffee. Sometimes writing is so difficult that I have to take a break every hour. However, there are also times when I do not watch the hours and just let my fingers type. I think that my rituals are not entirely rituals, as a ‘ritual’ contains irrationality to some extent. I agree that my rituals are rational and quite ordinary compared to other writers, but the key point is that the products of writing are unusual. All in all, I perceive writing as a flow that I manage to see clearly in my rituals.

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