free essayEven though I am not a big fan of fast food and visit McDonald’s restaurants very seldom, McDonaldization has affected many spheres of life which I also experience. For example, it becomes obvious when I go shopping. I often do this in big shopping malls and supermarkets that tend to manifest all four dimensions of this issue. Firstly, modern shopping malls and supermarkets offer efficiency. Due to the huge range of goods, it is very easy to choose a person’s needs quickly in one huge supermarket. Therefore, there is no reason for visiting many various little shops. Besides, products in the supermarket are usually located on the shelves in the most convenient for the customer way. For instance, they are grouped together in some categories according to different criteria, such as price, discounts, etc. Secondly, supermarkets tend to offer more food for less money through numerous special offers (for example, they offer to buy three bars of chocolate for the price of two). Customers feel that they make a good bargain and buy three bars even though they need in fact one. The majority of people prefer purchasing “supersize” goods. Thirdly, modern trade centers offer predictability because there are the chains of supermarkets all over the country that provide the same range of services, and a person does not need to face something new and unfamiliar while visiting one of them. Finally, supermarkets become more and more controlled especially in the sphere of non-human technology. In some of them, there are, for example, completely automatic cash boxes, and they do not need the presence of a cashier at all.

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Despite the fact that I do not visit McDonald’s and other junk food restaurants often, I can say that my life is quite McDonaldized as this phenomenon affects many spheres of the modern life. McDonaldization became the synonym of successful money making, and many companies are trying to implement all four dimensions of McDonaldization to increase profit. Customers also experience certain benefits of this process as they can easily get what they need because of the increased supply and competition among different companies.
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I believe that we should be concerned if our society is indeed McDonaldizing. This phenomenon has a considerable effect on many aspects of modern life, way of life in general, and values shared by many people. McDonaldization might have many unexplored effects that can influence the world more significantly than people can imagine. Nevertheless, I would agree with Ritzer that McDonaldization has many benefits that can improve a quality of life. It is a characteristic feature of not only the food industry but also of many other areas including medicine, sport, tourism, technologies, etc.

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Summing up, the four dimensions of McDonaldization have spread into many spheres of modern life such as big shopping malls and supermarkets. Even though it is not a negative phenomenon due to many significant benefits, it also has its downsides and costs. A modern society life is becoming more and more McDonaldized, and people should be aware of it because it has a drastic effect on the world and way of life.

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