Marketing Plan: Segmentation (Mobile Application)

free essayMarket segmentation involves developing and selling a product to fit the needs of a particular type of customers (Kotler & Armstrong, 2010). If it becomes a success, new opportunities of expanding to other market segments will present themselves. Some of them for a mobile app are toddler education and professional skills. A business cannot survive if its marketing strategy relies on the entire market with no segmentation. The proposed product, which is a mobile application aimed to aid high school students in learning, is suitable for the following market segments.

High School Students (Teenagers)

This market segment is comprised of young people in their high school years. Customers in this sector are typically dependent on their parents since they are not yet old enough to get steady jobs and do not have skills for formal employment yet. They usually live at home with their parents or guardians and may have siblings, who also go to the same school as them. For young people in this sector, it is important to enter a good college and pursue education that will improve their future lives. They usually take part in many activities, including sport and are up-to-date with the current trends.

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Demographics for High School Students

  • Age: 14 – 19;
  • Relationship status: unmarried or dating;
  • Professional status: unemployed, or occupying simple blue-collar positions;
  • Children: none;
  • Income level: none or depending on the amount of pocket money from parents.

Psychographics for High School Students

  • Family-oriented, typically live at home with their parents;
  • Having few responsibilities;
  • Ambitious, wanting to enter good colleges and have high-paid jobs;
  • Money-conscious, having a budget that is typically dictated by their pocket money.

High School Teachers (Employed)

This market segment for a mobile application consists of generally employed adults who have training on the education process. Based on a varying level of experience, teachers are ranked. In the school staff, the most experienced ones occupy senior positions. Teachers are typically married or approaching the stage of getting married. They take teaching as a lifelong career and plan to advance within this field to a senior status. At work, they are typically in charge of a class of 20-50 students throughout the year. They are usually the most familiar with the brightest and weakest students in their class, and do not pay much attention to those in-between. For people in this segment, their day-to-day schedule is very similar to the majority of persons working to make a living and provide for their families. They usually have a single source of income, and an additional means to make money will be desirable for them.

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Demographics for High School Teachers

  • Age: 21 – 55;
  • Relationship status: single, married or divorced;
  • Professional status: they are steadily employed;
  • Children: having one or more than one child;
  • Income level: a low or a middle-level income.

Psychographics for High School Teachers

  • Family-oriented, typically having families of their own or planning to start such;
  • Trained on dealing with child behavior patterns in the most effective ways;
  • Well-educated;
  • Money-conscious with a budget spent on catering for a family and bills.

Young Adults (Those Who Have Skipped or Failed at High School)

This market segment consists of young people below the age of 25. These people seek to gain skills taught in high school, since they have either skipped high school, failed at high school or need skills to get a job or enter a college. They typically have blue collar jobs or are unemployed and live either by themselves or people they depend on for sustainability. People in this segment are in a bid to make up for the lost time. They are therefore eager to gain adequate education to fit in with their more educated peers and find better employment positions.

Demographics for Young Adults

  • Age: 19-25;
  • Relationship status: unmarried, single;
  • Professional status: employees with a low level of income or temporary work;
  • Children: none or one;
  • Income level: a low income.

Psychographics for Young Adults

  • Independent-minded;
  • Few responsibilities;
  • Seeking education for better opportunities;
  • Money-conscious, typically on a budget.

Target Demographics and Psychographic Data

Table 1. Demographics and Psychographic Data on the Target Market Segments

High school kids Young adults High school teachers
Age 14 – 19 19 – 25 21 – 55
Relationship status Single or unmarried living with parents Single or unmarried Married
Professional status Unemployed, or having jobs requiring the basic skills Low-level blue collar workers Steadily employed
Children None None or one child One or more children
Income Level None, or dependent on pocket money from parents A low level A low or middle level of income
Psychographic areas of concern Family-oriented, live with parents Live with people they depend on or alone Family-oriented living with families of their own
Money-conscious, on a parent-controlled budget Money-conscious, on a budget Money-conscious, on a budget
Few responsibilities Independent-minded

As for the current market segments, students gain value by improving their grades, and teachers have a chance to track the former and earn some income by creating content to be used on the application. Young adults, particularly those that have not attended high school, have a chance to finish it. A feature that can be added to the application to add extra value for uneducated young adults is the ability to gain high school diplomas. However, the common need for these market segments remains education. Therefore, a continuous improvement in the mobile application from this perspective will prove to be of value to customers. Thus, the product should integrate specific interfaces that can cater for the requirements of each of the three market segments.

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