Marketing and Research in Movie Industry

free essayMarketing research is instrumental for the movie industry since it contributes to identification of directions for expansion of the film market. Analysis of statistics helps to define contributing factors for both growth and decline of movie theater attendance, as well as determine target ethnic groups and population and develop new marketing strategies.

Market Research and its Implications

In recent years, Hollywood movie business takes a lot of interest in Hispanic market. Marketing research by filmmakers and theater owners has been instrumental in shedding light on recent developments in movie viewing sector. Gathered qualitative and quantitative data revealed interesting facts of significance for Hollywood’s movie industry. Movie makers suffered ten percent decline in theater attendance over last ten years. Presently, they are on the lookout for market expansion, and marketing research is a key instrument for that. It pointed out that US market has untapped potential and can develop further through aiming at Hispanic audience. It appears that fifteen percent of Latino population bought twenty five percent of all tickets sold in US in 2012. Each year, an average Latinos goes to movies more often than a representative of any other ethnic group. They are the most enthusiastic moviegoers. Subsequently, Hispanic audience can contribute to increase in revenue and return on investment for film studios and theater owners.

Once it became clear that Hollywood should target Hispanic population, moviemakers employed specific marketing tactics for attracting Latino viewers. Marketing strategy was based around cultural self-identification and importance of Hispanic influence in the context of US culture. New movies incorporated Spanish dialogs and elements of Hispanic culture and enhanced viewers’ ability to identify with movie characters. Theater owners renovated theaters in order for the interior and exterior of movie watching facilities appeal to Hispanic population. New movies experienced slow but gradual increase in the number of Hispanic actors in main roles and Hispanic elements in the story line. Some movies got names that hinted to Latin origins. Such were Desperado, Salsa, Machete, Zorro and others. One interesting idea that movie makers employed was as follows. Producers took famous idea, plot or a movie and made a new movie that described famous events in Hispanic cultural setting. Additionally, Hollywood producers initiated cooperation with Mexican movie industry that emphasized incorporation of Hispanic theme and talent. However, producers are careful not to overdo with “hispanization” as this turns US Latino population off. Hispanic viewers appreciate movies that appeal to broad multicultural audience. Another innovative marketing tactic was the practice of press conferences and press days for Spanish language media. Additionally, movie celebrities started giving interviews in Spanish and participated in public events held by Hispanic community. Moreover, some publicity and advertising campaigns aimed specifically at Hispanic population. All of the above marketing strategies were designed to attract Hispanic viewers.

Film studios conducted researches about psychological, sociological and cultural aspects of consumers’ behavior that affect movie production and marketing. Hollywood would not have been able to identify growing trend in movie viewing without research generated data. For example, research determined that Hispanic people that go to movies appreciate opportunities of satisfying basic social needs of connecting with others and socialization. Another important finding has been that Hispanic viewers perceive going to the movie as an opportunity to strengthen family bonds by having family time with their children and time with their extended family. Future studies should consider that Hispanic population enjoys communal experience of movie watching. Besides, marketing experts have to consider preferences of Latino audience that prefers adventure-action, horror movies and animation that is suited for family viewing. Other genres are not in demand. Additionally, Hispanic people are not keen viewers of Harry Potter and James Bond type of movies.

Ideas for Marketing Strategies

Following ideas of film marketing can be appealing to Hispanic consumers as a part of a marketing strategy. These two ideas will cover both “real” and cyber advertising. Cyber promotion should engage customers by advertising through social media and social networks where presence of Hispanic population is dominant. This idea includes usage of hyperlink marketing when search engines direct search requests entered in Spanish language to movie commercials and related documentary and behind-the-scenes shows. Second “real” strategy requires organization of promotional tours and distribution of movie samples to wet target audience’s appetite. The goal is to create publicity blitz and “must watch” attitude. Also, this strategy will take organizing of talk shows with movie stars and orchestrating events that will draw attention of Hispanic population. Also, the idea of Latino President in a movie could be a very attractive for Hispanic viewers. This far, whenever American President is shown in fiction movies, the person is either white or black. There has never been an image of Hispanic president of US. Thus, this Latino “presidency” element in a movie is something that has never been portrayed before and could be a new and appealing idea for a future movie. Previous market researches divided all viewers into ethnic segments and were vital in determining Hispanic viewers as a target audience. Further research should include exit polls of the viewers, interviews of Hispanic fans in target groups, usage of local Hispanic population statistics, creation of fan clubs and groups in social networks and monitoring online fan activity. These methods of market monitoring will help Hollywood studios to reach and attract maximum numbers of Hispanic viewers.

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Marketing research is instrumental in the movie industry development since it facilitates effective identification of directions for expansion of the film market. Qualitative and quantitative data have a big significance for marketing strategies of Hollywood production. Analysis of statistical data helps to define contributing factors for both growth and decline of movie theater attendance, determine target ethnic groups and population and develop new marketing strategies.

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