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The explicate criteria of choosing the relevant policies among alternatives policies will be based on what systems are in place as well as the applicability of these policy in the republic. The anti-counterfeiting crusades proposes that the measure ought to go an extra mile, with growing policy support, with the setting of a nationwide testing laboratory and change the way counterfeiting is regarded under the Lebanese law (Ghosn, 08).

Therefore, the following are possible policy that could be adopted to address these problems of counterfeit drugs. The Lebanon government on its own cannot adequately address the menace of counterfeit drugs; this should be a shared role of consumers associations and non-governmental groups. Through the help of vice president a campaign creating awareness is initiated to warn on the danger of counterfeit drugs among policymakers and citizens. Billboards as well as campaign brochures are circulated around Beirut and the group organizing this forum are working together with local press and planning public symposiums to expand the awareness (Ghosn, 08).

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The Lebanon government also needs to advance the regulatory and legislative oversight. It should also impose and implement programs geared toward eradicating fake medicines. Pharmacists, government, health workers and the industry together are supposed to further the fight against counterfeit drugs to the regulatory authority legally and to stop the rampant corruption within the Lebanon’s health system the weakening of laboratory’s. The retailing and production of counterfeit drugs is regarded as an intellectual poperty abuse according to the intellectual law of property of 2000. This constitute a breach of copyright regulation in lebanon. However, stern action ought to be taken as its only after proof of damage that the sentense become worsened. The government together with the responsible organs need to be extra vigillant to stop the rampant corruption within the Lebanon’s health system the corrosion of laboratory’s (Ghosn, 08).

Sukkariya argues that mere noble intents are not satisfactory to curb this problem. It is required that there be rally of political will by setting up a nationwide drug policy as well as stimulating the domestic laboratory to control and test the entire drugs in the Lebanese Market (Ghosn, 08).

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