Job Description and Specification – Systems Manager

free essayJob description is a very crucial aspect on the job market. It gives a clear picture of the specifications for one’s dream job, the design of a compensation and benefits package that is related to that dream job, as well as the rationale of the compensation and benefits package. Furthermore, it indicates the research and considerations that were used for designing of the compensation and benefits packages and for the designing of a performance appraisal program, which is meant to assess one’s job performance. In the description of a given job, there is a clear definition of the employee’s role and accountability which is entrenched in the performance appraisal. Without such appraisal a person will find it difficult to commit to or be held accountable for a certain role. It is required for recruitment of staff in order for the applicants to capture the essence of their positions, and responsibilities in an organization, as well as the expectations from employers and their immediate bosses. The employee’s authority and the extent within which he or she should exercise it, is also contained in the job description. It vividly discusses job analysis, description, and specifications required in recruitment. It further analyzes various techniques, considerations, and compensation programs for the employees, besides analyzing various techniques, considerations, and designs of performance appraisal programs. Moreover, the issues of human resource management are clearly articulated in current description.

Company Name: ABC Technologies Ltd.

Title: System’s Manager.

Reports To: Managing Director.

Based At: Tekram Services Co Ltd., Technology House, Los Angeles, California.

Purpose of Job: To strategize and direct all communication lines in the county of Los Angeles, for a convenient flow of information. To develop mechanisms for implementing modalities for expansion of new links with other communication agencies within California State and around the world.

Key Responsibilities and Accountabilities

In current job I shall be required to develop and maintain a computerized clientele and prospect database for safeguarding all data for our esteemed clients. Besides, I shall be charged with the responsibility of planning and implementing all procurement procedures within my docket, in conformity with the company’s agreed budget, sales volume, values, product mix, and timescales. In addition, I shall be expected to respond to and follow up sales service inquiries by website, telephone and field visits, to ensure that the company’s business is well-coordinated and that clients do not feel inconvenienced. Similarly, I shall be developing a sustainable system for already existing and prospective new clients through the planned individual account support in liaison with internal order-processing staff. I will monitor and give account of all ABC activities by providing relevant management information to the higher authorities. In addition with that I will be conducting market researches, marking competitors’ schemes, as well as carrying out client surveys to evaluate the coverage of the company and detecting any possible hitches in the network. It will be closely connected with the maintenance and generation of a detailed report on equipment and software suitability service inquiry together with details of procurement deals. Finally, I shall be charged with the role of planning and attending meetings in liaison and other company functions that are necessary to perform duties and help in corporate and organizational development. To manage all my duties effectively I shall be required to occasionally attend trainings to develop relevant knowledge and skills in the dynamic job market.

Tools and Technology

I shall be required to be proficient in ICT skills, especially to be adept in use of MS Office 2007 and Linux Operating systems, with particular competence in Excel, Word, Access, Database, the Internet and email. The experience of managing communications’ systems from other renowned information agencies worldwide, as well as the capacity to operate and service all kinds of computerized information gadgets will be equally useful.

Personal Profile

Personality: As a system’s manager, I should be result-oriented, self-driven, as well as possess a clear focus on high quality service delivery and corporate output. I should be proactive and critical in evaluating my own progress in my responsibilities at work. Besides, I need to be credible and mature, especially when engaging with senior and renowned company executives. To the same extent, the job requires from me to be reliable, tolerant, and determined in my performance so that to capture and sustain the confidence of my employer, as well as the company’s clientele. I am equally required to be an elaborate communicator who is able to perceive and make right judgments of various situations that require expeditious remedial steps. Finally, I ought to be well-groomed, possess a corporate image, be sufficiently versatile, and be always ready to travel outside the country alongside with being a team player, able to work in rapport with the rest.

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Personal situation: I am obliged to portray a high sense of maturity and coming from a secure background, where I can spend a few nights away from home without upsetting domestic relations. I should be able to make reliable office-based communication at any time of the day, as well as work extended hours on occasions when required. Besides, I should not be bankrupt at any moment, for emergencies are inevitable in the job. I must, therefore, possess my smart and/or credit cards all the time together with an authentic driving license and a valid international passport.

Knowledge skills and abilities: I shall be required to communicate and correspond through written media and be fully conversant with the principles of telecommunications. I should further appreciate the need for consistency within the company’s branding and popularizing strategies, which include public relations and the Internet.

Educational Requirements: I am expected to be a holder of a Master’s Degree in Information’s Communications Technology (ICT), a degree in Human Resource Management and should also be cognizant with the clear knowledge of procurement terminologies and procedures. Moreover, I must be competent in writing business letters, quotations, and proposals.

Management abilities: I am supposed to be discreet in spending the company’s liquid funds, as well as possess exemplary skills to galvanize my immediate juniors to develop a patriotic attitude for ABC Organization. In addition I must be able to manage the resources professionally to reach increased productivity.

Compensation and Package Program

It is a full time job with remuneration that shall entail a monthly salary of $25,000 plus a number of allowances house totaling to $5000, commuter allowance $3000, Risk allowance $2000 and responsibility allowance of $6000. The company shall facilitate the medical insurance scheme of $2000 per month, which should cover the employee together with his kin. Alongside with the fact that the company offers a car to the system’s manager, which is fully insured with a recognized insurance company, fueling and occasional maintenance and servicing should be included, as well. Finally, the company should facilitate house mortgages for the system’s manager in case he would wish to have his own home while working with ABC Company Ltd.

As an employee in a specific job design I shall also be entitled to a 20% gratuity of the net monthly salary annually, to compensate me for the fluctuation that may occur across the year in the cost of living, as well as in other dynamics that I would probably encounter. Moreover, work for the company is connected with the retirement benefit’s plan where the ABC Company Ltd. shall be subscribing a total of $2000 for every employee towards the scheme. It is done to ensure that employees are not inconvenienced to manage their lives after retirement for they will have funds that can be sufficient for, for example, starting a business to sustain their needs (Gooskens, 2012).

Rationale for Compensation and Benefits Package

The job is highly remunerable owing to the fact that it requires responsibilities, which have to be handled by a single person. Most of such responsibilities can hardly be delegated, hence will force me to be fully engaged and in most cases even work extra hours. Besides, the job is connected with many risks, especially given that there will be much travelling. Security issues and enduring hard climatic conditions will be inevitable as I shall be trying to reach out to the company’s clientele and competitors through numerous seminars that I shall be obliged to conduct across the world. The package is, therefore, structured to be commensurate with the job group (Q) of the terms and conditions provided for by the National Public Service, as well as reflected in the provisions of the labor laws of ILO (Biswas, 2012). Such terms are subject to review every three years of services after a thorough appraisal and/or renewal of the contract. It means that when the company will be satisfied with my services, it will automatically adjust my package upwards by a certain percentage that will be at the discretion of the Board of Trustees of the ABC Company Ltd.

Performance Appraisal Program

In order to appraise my suitability as candidate for current position, I shall first be subjected to a written interview where I shall be required to answer a few questions regarding the position of system’s manager. It will help the panelists to evaluate my proficiency in communication, as well as my cognizance in matters of information technology. Afterwards, I shall be subjected to a practical exercise to accomplish some tasks with the relevant communications’ equipment. It will also enable the panel to gauge whether I am conversant with the communications tools and whether I can comfortably work with them to deliver expected results. Upon certification of my merit, I shall be tested for a comprehensive orientation before I am put in charge of the systems of communication. It will help me acclimatize with the new work environment and the people with whom I shall be interacting during my work.

I shall thereafter be subjected to an audit exercise once every three months to ascertain my progress through a comprehensive appraisal report. It will be written by external assessing officers to my employers regarding my performance (Giancola, 2014). In case there will be flaws in my docket, I shall be summoned before an internal audit committee for questioning and subsequent disciplinary measures may, as well, be taken against me.

Human Resource Management

Since my position is administrative, I shall be handing a number of personnel under my docket, who will be performing auxiliary duties of communication facilitation. It will compel me to apply principles of proper management of human resources to enable them carry out duties diligently, with decorum and in liaison with the rest of the workers. Here, I shall be obliged to apply the corporate social responsibility (CSR) program, where I shall be sensitive about the individual needs of each staff member working under me (Biswas, 2012). I shall establish personal relationship with each one of them to know them better in terms of personalities and competencies in what they are charged with. Moreover, I shall device ways of motivating them by occasionally sponsoring their trips around the state of California or even around the whole country to relax and have a rest. In addition, I shall establish a welfare program that will be dealing with their personal issues, which may in one way or the other affect their performance at work (Lawler, Benson & McDermott, 2012). Similarly, I shall establish a reasonable aloofness with my juniors to eliminate cases of contemptuous relationship that is usually associated with familiarity. It is hoped to ensure that the principles of work are not compromised due to familiarity issues.

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The position of system’s manager is critical though rewarding, regarding the magnitude of responsibilities and the pressing customer demands. However, I have a conviction that given an opportunity I shall unleash my full potential and expertise which I have gathered through many years of experience as I worked in three other companies of similar structure across the world. The attributes that I possess make me attached to the task I perform and I can assure the employers that their confidence in me will never be betrayed. My belief in receiving a given position is based on the rich recommendations that I received from the three companies that I had previously worked for, as well as my detailed credentials which are attached to my application for the position. My track record is clear and furthermore I was ranked as one of the best system’s managers of the year 2013, the time I was working for Malcon’s Technologies Ltd. in People’s Republic of China. Owing to such reputation, I received innumerable awards from within and outside the PRC for the exemplary work. I was, therefore, obliged to apply for the same position in ABC Company Ltd., following my expiry of the term according to the contract with Malcon Ltd.

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