Gender Discrimination Against Women in the Working Environment

free essayWomen tend to suffer from sexism, gender stereotyping, and discrimination more frequently than men. In the past, such inequality was mainly expressed through the limitation of access to certain professions. Furthermore, the duties of women were mostly limited to family care, nursing, and parenting.

In regard to sexism, there are two types of the notion: hostile and patronizing. The first one is more commonly known and observed, and many feminist leaders pay significant attention to it. Hostile sexism is a kind of discrimination, which belittles the dignity of a person and the possibilities of genders. At the same time, patronizing type is rather controversial, but not somehow better kind of sexism, in which a definite type of sex receives preference.

Considering the above, it is important not just discuss common facts that everyone deserves the equality of rights. Instead, we must understand that all people regardless of their gender should behave in such a way which they attribute to traditional moral laws, and in case of non-compliance with these laws, they may be criticized by society.

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Recently, the world was shocked by the book “Lean in” written by Sheryl Sandberg. It describes the number of moments and situations in life in which women encounter sexism. The writer is a good example of the woman who successfully handles the situations and attitudes in the offices that concern sexism. The book which is included in The Times Best Seller list reveals that people do not pay enough attention to the fact that numerous women are suffering from sexism and gender inequality at work, at universities, and even schools.

For a better understanding of the problem of gender disparity among women, I intend to use enthymeme “Women less often succeed; hence, they must work harder”. This enthymeme implies that it is more difficult for a woman to achieve recognition and success among men and modern society. In the “Lean in” as well as in everyday life, people always face stereotyping such as judging someone by their gender, nationality, color, and even model of behavior. Consequently, it is hard to find a good job; this task may be even harder for a woman, and it may be twice as hard to occupy a good job position if you are a woman of color. Sheryl Sandberg outlines the importance of eradication of stereotypes regarding feminism and claims that it is not so easy. Nevertheless, both men and women need to get rid of outdated thinking and regulations of conduct.

It can be observed that the activity of men is usually evaluated higher than the same results achieved by women which is a kind of manifestation of sexism against women and belittling their role in society. Furthermore, it is believed that people are more lenient to the women’s works, and thus, the latter can achieve fame for the product, which would hardly be noted, if it was created by man. In such a way, the ability of women is being questioned causing them prove that the fame and success that they have is not the matter of the gender.

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Apart from the above mentioned, if we raise the question of gender equality, there would be numerous difficulties concerning the remuneration of women and men’s labor. With this respect, we may take miners as an example. Paying a woman and a man in this profession the same salary would most likely be considered wrong, since the average woman is not physically that strong to extract as much coal mined as the average man. Therefore, it is obvious that women are discriminated against with respect to those occupations which are most commonly considered masculine.

Evidently, the discussed concept is very complicated. As soon as we talk about the equality of something that has significant differences, we may collide with many difficulties. We cannot compare the physical strength of men and women, but at the same time, it is irrelevant to compare the ability to concentrate, or some kind of reaction. We are talking about equal opportunities that should be provided for both sexes.

Returning to the question of sexism and discrimination of women’s rights, we should remember that not only men may share stereotypes about women at work and in the offices. There are numerous examples that even a woman can opposite other females rights and opportunities. For instance, in 1930, a woman in Spain Parliament opposed the granting of suffrage to women. She believed that women, in principle, as a gender, are unable to understand what is happening in the country, cannot make decision, and are very easy to manipulate.

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More interestingly, according to some researches, some women even have prejudice against themselves; for example, in the field of study, college students, when assessing articles and asked if men or women, preferred to write first (Goldberg). Another example of stereotypes among men and women is observed in the researches that were conducted by M. Palladium showing that students attributed the unnamed article about politics to a man, and the article related to psychology to woman (Paludi 291).

When talking about the duties, it is necessary to point out the aspect of partners’ relationship. We are familiar with a lot of female stereotypes that with the course of time rooted in the minds of people, and now, it is very hard to get rid of them. However, if we are talking about racial and gender prejudice, we should go back to Sandberg’s words: “Contrary to the popular notion that only unmarried women can make it to the top, the majority of the most successful female business leaders have partners.” Specifically, though not directly, the author is talking about white male husbands.

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Even though nothing in the world is perfect, I really and honestly hope that people will eventually learn how to perceive understand each other, how to help each other in difficulties, and how to improve the relations in our society. Until that point, such books as “Lean In” as well as many other works regarding discrimination, stereotyping, and gender inequality are aimed at helping people to realize that something must inevitably change and this will definitely happen.

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Our history knows a lot of examples of gender disparity among both male and female, and we all know that such conditions must come to end. In general, people should learn to consider the specific nature of human beings. In particular, women should learn to appreciate and respect themselves, to develop themselves, and assert one’s rights. To achieve this, we should remember that there are still a lot of countries where gender’s rights are being infringed, and we must value all the attempts to bring life to a new level.

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