The Making of Fiat Mio

free essayAs it turned out, innovations did not only concern the product of the company, but expectations of its clients. Fiat managed to invite its clients and followers to the process of the creation of a car, generation of ideas, and participation in the key decision-making aspects regarding the design and technical details.

The process turned out to be quite beneficial to both the company and its clients, including the participants of the discussions. Fiat no longer had to look for new ideas since they were generated by the prospective target audience. More than that, it did not have to spend millions on the marketing survey campaign. The only thing that was needed referred to the creation of an online platform where people could interact and communicate the ideas of the new car. In addition, the company in fact retrieved the best from the comments of its participants and adjusted characteristics of the future engines to the preferences of potential users ensuring the future profits and high sales rates of these cars, as well as receiving potential clients. On the other hand, the participants received a possibility to inform the company of their expectations and needs directly. They could literary participate in the process of testing ideas and making decisions on the design and important technical specifications of the car.

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The car indeed was a prototype, whereas the process of the creation of the idea behind it, its design and competitive advantage was quite an innovation. The creators managed to engage thousands of passionate car-lovers in the tailoring of the new car engine. The final version of the model represented aspirations of the heterogeneous public. In fact, the creators of the new car invited the public to the process of discussing the ideas behind it. The online platform itself was an answer to critics who had always claimed that car companies did not consider the needs and voices of their customers and the target audience in general. The users of the platform could comment on posts, upload their content, including pictures or videos, as well as to share them via the social network. In such a way, the company engaged the large public in the creation of a new prototype of the car while meeting expectations of the target audience in the meantime.

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The platform relied heavily on users and those who actively commented on new ideas regarding the car. They were treated like bosses since they indicated the direction of decisions on the design or technical features. Marketers stressed the importance of the name of the car and the campaign to be Fiat Mio, which meant “My Fiat” in English. Fans of the company transformed from being objects of the marketing campaign to subjects creating the agenda and participating in the passing of the key decisions regarding the car. Such a type of elaborating the model was quite an innovation since no other company had ever tried it before. As it has been stressed, “within Fiat everyone agrees that surprising innovations came from the periphery,” meaning that the key ideas came from customers to the company and not vice versa (Saldahna & Pozzebon, 2015).

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In conclusion, the owners of the Fiat Company definitely benefited from their innovations in the process of the creation of new car models. Instead of the traditional focus on the product, they chose to pay their attention to the voices of customers and then put them in practice. In their turn, the participants of the discussions received numerous benefits because of an opportunity to contribute to the creation of the car model and to express their expectations.