Effects of Media Art to the Indigenous Community in Australia – Essay

free essayMost professions in the career development are aimed at providing services to the immediate and the indigenous community. It is therefore important for an individual to understand the effect and the role of the discipline or profession which one is interested to attain in order to understand what kind of service this individual will give to the community. There are several courses offered at the campus level and a good number of these courses give back to the indigenous community in one ay or the other.

Media art is a professional course offered by most universities in Australia. It is comprised of several programs within the major subject. This course nurtures the artists in the media sector so that to help in the creation, screening, distribution and exhibition of these works. This is in the spirit of attaining a better avenue for the immediate communities and the audiences in one way or the other. These professionals help in the development of diverse racial, cultural, linguistic and aboriginal populace in Australia. Through several attachments, these professionals support several organizations and communities across the entire country and welcome all the forms and types of artistic expression and inclinations to the development of these communities (Dodson 2003).

The course gives rise to media artists who will forge ahead to build and fund sound and audio art and studios to help nurture the culture of art in the entire Australian population. The course fully prepares the individual to meet the worldly requirements in areas like documentary, film and dance, animation, media art installation among others in the art field as a whole. With the editorial knowledge, these individuals may help the community in creating the driving force for the direction and creation of wealth to the indigenous people. Through exhibitions, the media artist can help interact with the general public and thus understand the needs and requirements of the immediate community in terms of social, economic and even political aspects.

There exist some media arts organizations that help in the provision of grants to the artists with an aim of disseminating and presenting the spirit of art to the communities therein. These organizations come in two distinct streams in the Australian community. The media arts organizations that provide the main operating support to the incorporated non-profit making organizations. These include the run up production and distribution centers, media arts festivals in the creation and dissemination program in the entire country. The other set is the media arts projects that entail the provision of grants of up to 10, 000 US dollars that assist in the collective projects. They also provide the artists with an opportunity of professional development. Other projects here include workshops, screening series, symposia and other specific department related publications in the capital Sydney (Donnell 2010).

Apparently speaking, the arts have been in the heralds as a panacea for all forms of problems in the Australian community. Within the institution this subject helps in upgrading the general performance of an individual in other subjects as it is a part of the curriculum. This will improve the general performance of the person and the general performance in the academics at that particular level. Media arts revitalize communities and neighborhoods and thus become the foundation for the economic prosperity and the community at large. These individuals generally help in the improving and development of the psychological well being of the immediate community. They act as the catalysts to the creation and development of social capital and also the ultimate attainment of the important and impeccable goals of the community.

Media art is a very important attribute in the development and the provision of essential services in the contemporary world. This is due to the nature of the acquisition of knowledge in such sectors. It has indeed developed to become a very important aspect of the organization of well established modern society. Educational awareness has been in the rise especially in the developed countries. All in all this has also been echoed in the developing worlds and economies. This aspect of the education system helps to mo individuals in becoming better citizens in the immediate environment.

Most employers in most economies would prefer employees that are well qualified in their respective areas of work. This implies that media art will help these individuals to achieve better employment opportunities which could sustain the livelihood and those of their dependants in one way or the other. It is indeed important for a person to eventually enjoy the fruits of his hard fought education through such benefits of leading a decent life among his or her peers in the field. This is in line with the development and the advancement in the socio economic status in the modern society (Harper 2010).

It is also very important in the acquisition of developmental programs in the society because these programs require great tenacity in order to attain best results. This tenacity can only be achieved through the process of developing a clear program in the higher education of a community or a country. In order to put a feather in one’s cap, it is important to state that the essence of higher education is inevitable and may help the individual to attain the ultimate apex of the hierarchy of needs.

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The media art also helps in developing social network. The social network system is ideal in the management of the hurdles in relationships. Customer relationships are mainly propagated by the strong self-esteem and the sense of selflessness. Strong self-esteem and selflessness are personal traits responsible for strong relationships when interacting with friends via social networking sites. All these traits can be obtained from social media interaction since, by the virtual interacting with the friends across the globe, one gathers enough experience, which can also be used, in the interaction with community members. The customer relationships via social media are expected to be stronger since the interaction involves a large number of people. This implies that an individual should be in position to tap enough skills. Notably, strong relationships are supported by games, politics, and other information that keep people busy and enhance the communication.

Public relations are about time and concern on how much a person impresses a colleague. Many people like friends who are active in games and update them on the current happenings. Some computer games can be played through social media. Information about sports and politics can also be exchanged not forgetting about the nice photos that can be uploaded and shared. The case of public relations becomes different when the information about the other person is readily available. The openness of most students is what makes chatting with others exciting hence attracting a large number of college students. It is also necessary to note that students are not always there to waste time but take this opportunity to educate their colleagues. This kind of relationship involves constructive activities which are hard to fade away with time (Wade 2010).

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