Effects of Early Sport Participation on Self-esteem

free essayYoung people are the most active members of community, and a proper development of their personalities has a huge role. It is crucial to provide them with the opportunity of keeping themselves engaged in activities that facilitate the development of various aspects of their character. One of the major ways to ensure that the youths have a versatile personality entails their active involvement in activities that enable them to interact with other members of the community. Not surprisingly, sports belong to the best activities that keep these people active in the social cycles. Sports help in the process of development of positive character traits, thereby making many of young people become active members of the society (Knight, Boden, & Holt, 2010).

Erickson, Weinstein, and Lopez, the authors of the article entitled “Physical Activity, Brain Plasticity, and Alzheimer’s Disease” (2012), argue that active engagement in physical activities plays an important role in improving the health of young people by reducing the likelihood to be affected by diseases such as the Alzheimer’s disease. The researchers claim that involvement in a variety of physical activities also enables the brains to develop, as it helps reduce the number of cases of memory losses and improves the personalities of these young people. Therefore, sport is one of the areas that are particularly useful for the development of the mental strength. Participation in sports gives many young people zeal and urge to work on ensuring they build a multi-faceted personality. Thus, by engaging in sports they develop confidence and are also able to free their minds from many things that can be disturbing. Hence, it also helps create a situation where they are able to stay alert and protect their self-esteem.

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An empirical research is presented in the article “Junior Tennis Players’ Preferences for Parental Behaviors” written by Knight, Boden, and Holt (2010). The authors reveal the expectations that young tennis players have when their parents are involved in the game of tennis. They state that the players neither need any form of tactical support nor expert advice from their parents, but they rather lack the parental support. This is the essential help that caring parents give their children by supporting what these young people do in terms of attitude change as well as in terms of being the most fervent fans of their children. In this case, therefore, one can easily deduce that youths who are engaged in sports have the ability to have good relationships with their parents, especially if these parents do not subject them to negative criticism while at the same time supporting all the efforts that they make in daily life. For this reason, parental support is a specifically important thing to youths, particularly when their personal development and self-esteem are concerned.

With regard to the emotions, sports have a vital role in reshaping the personality of many youths. One of the main reasons why many of them get isolated from the rest of the community is because they tend to believe that they do not have enough freedom to belong to any social groups. Such people are apt to totally withdraw from the society due to the kind of loneliness they feel as a result of conditions that do not favor their socializing with others. For example, young people with deviant behavior may suffer from the strict rules imposed by their parents to the extent that they would feel like prisoners in their homes. Unfortunately, this is likely to damage the person’s self-esteem and hence expose them to emotional problems (Green & Benjamin, 2009). However, sports are useful means that can help such young people remain optimistic and persevere to solve the issue of emotional isolation.

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Many overweight youths tend to have fitness and confidence problems due to the weight gain. The matter worsens when people talk negatively about their appearance, figure in particular. Such people normally get affected by the criticizing statements they hear from others, and therefore, they have low self-esteem in the end. This happens due to the two reasons: the first one is their physical appearance and the second – the negative comments that come from people (Moreau & Conway, 2013).Many youths who feel that they are influenced by the issue of weight gain can, therefore, get involved aggressively in sporting activities as a way of ensuring that they gain the kind of body shape they desire. They resort to such methods to restore their confidence and self-esteem when socializing with other people in the society. Sporting activities allow to reduce the unnecessary weight while at the same time ensuring that these youths are healthier and active both physically and mentally (Cederberg et al., 2011).

Sport activities help in keeping the youth energized, active, and focused; this also protects the youths from various dangerous social issues that they are likely to encounter in their daily lives. They face the risks of getting involved in the abuse of drugs and other substances that are not good for their health, and the main reason for this is based on the fact that some of these youths have so many things in their minds that they feel overwhelmed. Such youths are normally on the verge of severe depression due to the fact that their self-image has been damaged so badly by the existing situation in their lives. To help such young people reclaim their image and self-esteem, it is recommended to motivate them to be engaged in sports which keep their minds occupied and make them more creative in problem solving (Brand et al., 2010). Moreover, when youths are involved in sports, they value the teamwork and can use some of the things that they learn from their sporting experiences in solving real-life problems.

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Sports are specifically important for the young people who are less confident and who cannot express themselves in front of other people. As defined in sports psychology, youths are mainly persons below the age of 18; these are the people who have diverse personalities that still undergo certain changes. This means that many of the youths can have a number of personality issues, including the lack of confidence among other things (Dayan & Cohen, 2011) Exposing them to sporting activities makes them get more pro-active, which helps to boost their confidence. In addition, this makes the youths more active by giving them a better self-image. It is an important aspect of the development of their personality traits (Jowett, 2014). Engaging in sports provides young people with an opportunity to appreciate the kind of contribution that one can make in the society. Remarkably, the youths with confidence problems can benefit more from the sporting activities, since in this way they can cooperate with their peers and hence learn much from them.

Active participation in sport is an important way of getting the youths engaged in various activities that help in improving their personality and boosting their self-esteem. Usually, the youths undergo much pressure coming from various areas as, for example, peer pressure, school pressure, and social pressure. All these issues put the youths in rather difficult conditions that can make them follow the wrong paths if not properly guided. Sports, however, belong to extremely beneficial methods of ensuring that the youths are engaged in meaningful activities that can help them avoid peer pressure and other social problems that they face in daily life. Therefore, sports can help to prepare the young peoples’ minds for the challenges of the adulthood, since such engaging keeps them physically and emotionally fit. What is more, it boosts their confidence and reduces the cases of low self-esteem in the long term while at the same time ensuring that the youths develop a strong personality that is full of confidence.

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The involvement of the young people in sports is, therefore, the key to ensuring that these youths are active and confident as it gives them the chance of growing into the full-fledged human beings full of confidence and energy. Young people are responsible for their proper development, although the role of ensuring that they develop into the kind of people that the community desires does not only rests solely on them, Thus, their parents have a paramount role in helping their children in terms of giving support and ensuring that they feel appreciated. The essential implication in this instance is that youths as important members of the society need each another to ensure that they develop into mature rational beings. Sports give them the platform to develop the confidence and high self-esteem that they need to become successful in life. Therefore, their involvement in sports should be encouraged at all levels of the society for the fact that it has an immense influence on the youths, ranging from physical health to mental fitness.

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