Effective Time Management to Improve Your Academic Life

Within the last five decades, the quantity of information available for the students has increased rapidly. According to the prediction of scientists and entrepreneurs, the most important skill for success will be the ability to learn fast. However, in order to develop the habit of the self-motivated work and undoubting curiosity, it is important to manage time according to the priorities (Wilson, 2015).

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The study is the preparation for the adult life that has its benefits and disadvantages. However, the responsibility for the result lies on the shoulders of the performer. When to look closer at the structure of academic courses, it becomes obvious that it is a very hard work to study (Bashir, Bashir, & Nazir, 2012). For example, the student has the desire to gain all As during the semester for the course he or she has chosen. The total number of lectures is 16. In order to learn the needed material, the student has to visit all 16 lectures that last in total 16 hours. Additionally, for the individual work, the student spends about 18 hours. With some calculations, it becomes obvious that the total number of time needed for the work over the course is 64 hours or 1 ½ weeks that this student is supposed to spend studying. In order to succeed, it is important to develop the time management skills. Time management requires thinking and planning. Both elements are tough to implement; however, the benefits are worth all the efforts.

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The thinking process is involved in the creation of the to-do list and task prioritization (Elliot & Watkins, 2013). The final step is the schedule that needs to be followed in order to achieve the result. Despite the prediction of the achieved results, there are other important factors that time management deals with. The purpose of the study is clear. It helps to create the vision. The schedule and prioritization remind all the time what things should be done first. The most important factor is that mind stays calm. Often, students are either procrastinating or surfing the social media. The study has shown that they often are afraid of the time pressure. Instead of acting, they would rather waste time. When it comes to studying, the majority of students act the same way they did during the high school time. The habit to follow the same routine also remained the same.
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Despite the fact that time is finite, it is the resource that students can use to make their studies more efficient. Wise time management helps to accomplish tasks faster and receive the highest results (Wilson, 2016). The idea is to keep the track of time so that the study will not be a burden. Time management helps to reduce the distractions as well as unneeded activities and requests. As a result, student experience less stress and anxiety. The rate of satisfaction grows with the number of tasks completed in time. The health is normalized as there is no stress. The positive influence of the appropriate time management helps to increase the level of energy that is tightly connected with the number of accomplished tasks. Moreover, while performing more, the number of skills and qualities increases too (“Suggestions for Success in College,” n.d.). Within the shorter period of time, students can achieve the needed result with fewer efforts and resources, either physical or psychological. Therefore, there is time to enjoy the life, spend it with the family, and explore the world.

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To conclude, the most crucial moments in the successful time management during in academic life are planning, prioritizing, and scheduling. The more time is spent on activity planning, the more efficient actions student can make to achieve needed result within a shorter period of time.

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