Education and Teaching

free essayEducation is the skeleton that assembles different parts essential for the smooth operation of a society. The custodians of intellectual knowledge are required to utilize their expertise to give knowledge and skills to other people so that education process can be sustained. The field of teaching is robust, extensive, and exceedingly dynamic. As a result, a deep commitment, passion and impressive flexibility are required of the teachers to be able to impart knowledge and skills to other people. Besides, they should be able to adapt to the changes brought about by technological advancement.

Several aspects can be drawn from the course readings. Firstly, the concept of professionalism is emphasized to all educators. The field of teaching facilitates interaction between members of the society. Teachers interact with students, colleagues, parents and the community as a whole. Therefore, it is crucial for teachers to be highly professional. The rationale behind professionalism is to enhance social relationship based on respect, integrity, and tolerance. Professionalism exterminates scenarios of conflicts by fostering cohesion and reinforcing the relationship of educators with others. Professionalism is important for me as a teacher because it will dictate the perception and relation of others to me. The level of respect accorded to a person is determined by whether that individual is worthy of respect. It is a simple reciprocity of nature: respect others so that you are respected in turn, and relate professionally with others to receive the same reciprocity back.

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Secondly, the importance of communication for the teachers is also emphasized. Communication is a versatile tool that scores great points to educators when utilized well. Through communication process teachers are either capable of imparting knowledge and skills, or fail in their attempts at transferring information to students. As a teacher, I have learned that it is my responsibility to help students understand various concepts by the use of selective approaches that a learner might appreciate. In order to promote a deeper understanding of the material by the learners, teachers should draw analogies familiarizing the immediate environment or trending aspects in the society with educational concepts. Communication also helps educators to reach out to students with special needs. Some learners can be slow to grasp concepts; on the other hand, others comprehend concepts very easily.

Lastly, providers of education are synonymous to leaders in the society. People in the society perceive teachers with varied but positive expectations from them. Teachers are seen as leaders by students, collegues and the society as a whole. Therefore, it is the responsibility of teachers to match up to the predetermined standards of a good leader. Knowledge providers are expected to demonstrate their leadership qualities regarding handling problems, uniting people and steering them towards discoveries and inventions. As a teacher, I have appreciated the significance of guiding, correcting and challenging learners as a leader.

In my future research as a teacher, I will focus on developing strategies for helping students with varying needs as well as satisfy the expectations of members of the society. However, I would be wise enough to assess their possibilities and anticipated success by first fitting in the shoes of students and the society as a whole. In this way, I would have a clearer picture of how to impart knowledge to others in the best possible way. Furthermore, my future research will be steered by the thought of being a leader of excellence. As a teacher, my efforts will be geared towards serving others. I will be in the forefront towards eliminating various problems in the community such as poverty. I will challenge learners not to follow the same path laid down by their ancestors, but strive to be the leaders of tomorrow.