Design Your Process for Becoming a “World-Class” Engineering Student

free essayThe field of Engineering can be described as a field that has unlimited possibilities, which range everywhere from fields like the medical field and biomechanical engineering. It also involves civil engineering, as well as the oil industry that involves petroleum engineering. Consequently, engineering makes different processes possible virtually. It includes the cars they drive, the technology they use and even the buildings they access. I want to become an engineer so that I could influence other people’s lives through my work. Particularly, I am more interested in mechanical engineering and through making career in this field I can benefit the world. My desire to become a mechanical engineer was greatly influenced by my father who worked as a mechanic. Whenever I had free time, I helped him as he worked on cars. As time went by, I acquired numerous skills concerning mechanics and my interest kept on growing. I learned how vehicles worked, and this increased my dream of acquiring the expertise of designing a motor that is a complex machine. For an engineering student to be categorized as world-class, the student must be confident, determined and possess tools that can lead to success.

Setting Goals

Setting goals will be my first step towards becoming a world-class engineering student. The goals will be both short and long term and they will help me become determined to work towards achieving something. It is always difficult for any student to succeed when they lack a clear sense of direction. Furthermore, they also face challenges when making decisions. I believe that once I achieve my goals, I will also have a higher self-esteem and an increased level of productivity.

Consequently, my biggest goal will be to graduate after four years in campus with a degree in engineering. This goal is not easy to achieve as I have heard cases of many students who had dropped out the Engineering course due to lack of focus, negligence or many other reasons. The goal will allow me to work hard and remain focused, since I do not want to spend many years studying the program. For example, I know students who took between 5-7 years to complete the program. Nevertheless, I believe that I can make it and finish the course in four years, because I get motivated by those who achieve the same goal within the same time span.

Another goal will be to secure a job immediately after college. Setting of such goal will allow me get interested in doing internships that will create networks that will facilitate my acquisition of a job after completing my studies. The internships will also enable me to gain the support of my employers who may want to employ me in the future, since they would be aware of my capability. Conversely, it will be futile if I do not achieve my goals. There are people who have failed to reach their targets as soon as they set goals and never observe or work hard to achieve them. The short term goals will enhance my ability to reach my long-term goals, since I will acquired a sense of accomplishment from achieving the short-term goals.


In a long time, I have been a procrastinator, and I sense that such flaw is likely to hinder my success in the future as far as becoming a world-class engineer is concerned. For example, in my high school journey I have procrastinated especially when it came to completing assignments and handling other academic relate duties as, for example, submitting reports. Nevertheless, I have been lucky not to experience serious repercussions as a result of my bad habit. However, in college, I will have to decide and make informed decisions, because procrastination can easily make me fail to complete my degree in engineering.

Procrastination has many negative impacts, and I do not wish to be a failure just due to not doing things as required. The major impact is that one has to rush through to complete work within limited time span so that to meet the deadline. In some occasions, one may not even submit an assignment and it creates an avenue for one to achieve low grades, which will greatly impact one’s work. Alternatively, it also leads to stress as one strains to complete a task within a set time. Furthermore, there are many errors that are made in the process and it also affects the grade that one will get in a particular course.

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Stress also can affect one’s social life and classes even when they are not connected to the assignment that was procrastinated on. One of the ways that I will observe to stop such bad habit is to plan handling assignments from the day they are given instead of starting them the day before they are to be submitted. Such trend will help me manage with all my assignments in time and also treat each of the tasks with the seriousness it deserves. In addition, I can also manage to attend to other duties as a result of having a well laid out work plan. Conversely, I will have much time to assess my effort to ensure that it is error-free. The other thing I can attempt is to have a detailed plan that includes all my assignments and classes. By doing this, I will experience less stress and, thus, improve my performance, which can ultimately allow me to achieve my goals.

Making a Road-Map

The other step that I will take is to prepare a detailed road-map. Such map will be a plan that contains the steps that I will take in particular semesters in order to graduate with a degree in mechanical engineering. Many students fail to understand the significance of having such road-map. I was also not sure of the benefits of such a road-map, but with time, I found it it vital to have one considering the number of courses that I would be required to take. For example, I can make a schedule for every year that includes all the classes that I need to register for every semester. It will help me have a clear direction of what I am expected to do and achieve at the end of every year. Furthermore, I can also get time to do prior consultation and research on the courses that I am going to take. It will promote my understanding on the topics that I should handle during an upcoming semester.

Some of my professional friends admit that having a road-map is a sure way of success, because it provides an instruction manual that explains how one can graduate in time. On the other hand, having a road-map can help me develop a higher self-confidence through having positive feelings of managing to complete some classes, which is a sure way of finally graduating. Nevertheless, if I somehow lose my way, I can easily devise a possibility of getting back to it by knowing where exactly I failed and what I need to do to head to the correct direction as far as my goals are concerned.

Effective Learning

There is also another thing that I need to observe in order to become successful. It implies learning in a way that I could gain understanding of the engineering concepts. Effective learning will begin on the school’s first day with a specific syllabus. It is essential to comprehend the pace and projects that are required from the syllabus. Furthermore, I will have to ensure that I go over my class notes before classes begin. It will enable me to attend classes having an idea of what I am expected to learn. Moreover, I can devise any questions that can help clarify some issues that are not clear. I can also make it a practice to review the notes after class instead of piling them for a last minute study. Effective training will also entail embarking on assignments early enough from the day they get assigned. It will offer me ample time to work on the task and even seek support from the professors where necessary.


For me to succeed in engineering, I have to use network. It will involve interacting with my professors beyond the classroom walls, link up with possible employers and even form study groups. Networking will eventually help me in the future when it comes to securing a job. For example, by engaging with the professors, they will understand my interest in learning and can even provide me with any help and guidance towards the realization of my goal. On the other hand, professors can also offer jobs to students, who are dedicated to their courses. Such jobs include student aids and research assistants. For example, doing research will be a perfect way to allow me to make more connections and I will also get a chance to apply what I have learnt in class. Consequently, it will promote my understanding of the taught concepts. Currently, I know that I am a bit shy and can face difficult times when it comes to interacting with professors; however, I plan to become more assertive through doing more discussions with my course mates. With time, I will gain the confidence I need to help me approach the professors so as not lose numerous connections and opportunities necessary for my career development.

Priority Management

It is another area of consideration in my quest of becoming a world-class engineer. Priority management in this case suggests that I will have to organize my activities based on their importance and urgency. As a result, I need to get organized in a way that my activities are not always urgent but important. In addition, I will have to decide which priorities are the most significant and give them more attention. Alternatively, I will have to sometimes ignore the activities that tend to reduce my productivity; for example, the tendency of watching TV a lot or playing video games may slow down my work output. In addition, it also includes how I relate with friends and my family members. I will have to create a balance whereby I do not incline to one side at the expense of my studies. Studying will be at the top of my priorities, and it also includes doing and submitting assignments in time.

Time Management

A world-class engineer has to be a proper time-manager. I have noticed that college life can be crammed and hectic. It calls a student to develop a detailed schedule, which can be followed. I will have to program even the free time that I possess so that I could maximize on every opportunity. Proper time management will boost my performance and self-esteem as I will be able to concentrate more on my studies and attend to other activities. On the other hand, my stress levels will also be reduced, since I will not feel rushed to complete tasks within a short time span. I will also have to plan my time for leisure, such as watching TV or taking a walk. Having time to relax will allow me to get rejuvenated so that I could handle my activities with a fresh mind, thereby increasing my understanding ability. Currently, I have a problem with time management, as I choose how to manage my time depending on my moods. I should desist from such practice because I tend to procrastinate a lot.


In order to become a world-class engineering student, I have to set goals and be devoted to them. Additionally, I will need to learn how I can reduce procrastination, which is likely to make me achieve low grades and become stressed. Alternatively, I will have to create a road-map to direct my steps, manage my time and priorities properly, as well as employ effective training and do networking. Through understanding well the course content of engineering, I will easily manage to graduate with a degree and be in a better position to secure a job that is well-paid. Consequently, I will have to realize my ultimate goal of becoming a world-class engineer and be able to impact on other people’s lives positively. Conversely, a good mastery of the course content will allow me to do lectures in colleges and I will feel confident for having several opportunities as a result of hard-work. Moreover, the skills gained in the engineering program will also facilitate my improvement at a personal level; for example, through enhancing my professionalism.

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