Critical Thinking: Cultural Elements and Our Daily Lives

free essayMany cultural elements of the society influence daily lives and behavior without the slightest notice on our behalf. Accordingly, some of them might pervasively manipulate the way we accept the world. Television and car can be considered two of these common elements.

Benefits and Harms of Television

The television can have a positive effect on the American society as it provides the knowledge about the current affairs, the distant places, different cultural settings, music, and different forms of entertainment. It is a great source of amusement and information as, for example, I and my family followed the entire election campaigns with the aid of the TV. In addition, the advertisements that are broadcast on the TV heavily influence purchase decisions, thus helping choose one’s preferences. It can also serve as a rescue from boredom and loneliness, which have become frequent in the overwhelming world.

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Similarly, the American society has also undergone negative influences brought upon by the television. People now spend hours watching TV compromising the time they used to spend socializing, learning, and attending to religious needs. The values are overturned as modern parents tend to prefer watching television to helping their kids with their homework. Furthermore, the TV has the power of forming the perceptions of the race, gender, and religions, thus, turning people against one another for political or economic purposes. Moreover, various social studies have shown that watching TV for a long time plays a vital role in increasing the rate of obesity in children (Katzmarzyk et al, 2015). An online survey also shows that the majority of the people believes in its unfavorable effect (Does television, n.d.).

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Benefits and Harms of Car

The Car has become one of the fundamental requirements of American households. For some, it has brought comfort, as it provides the possibility to reach school, work, and other places in time, without worrying about being late. In addition, the car has brought significant changes to the American society of 20th century. People prefer traveling by car which saves their time and improves their productivity. Similarly, in a case of emergency, one can reach to the hospitals quickly and efficiently, avoiding endangering the victim even more as would have been in the event of carrying someone through the city. Thus, due to this device, one is able to save lives, carry heavy goods and merchandise almost effortlessly.

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On the contrary, due to the changed lifestyle, I, personally, do not walk even if I have to go to the grocery store that is situated at a walking distance of 5 minutes from my home. This has raised the issues of less exercise which could have a prolonged impact on my health and fitness. If the car had not been there, I would have walked or cycled to the school which could have helped burn my calories, which is not happening. What is more, the increasing use of cars in the American society has raised concerns of the environmental specialists (Grabow et al, 2012). The cars present the main responsible source for contaminating the environment and the air we breathe in, as they emit carbon dioxide. Hence, because of the increasing pollution the air turns harmful for human health, and thus raises questions about the benefits of the car.

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Such cultural components of modern society as TV and Car have become an integral part of our daily lives. Despite having negative influences, both of these elements can affect positively the individuals as well as the society. Therefore, the use of these elements shall be controlled and improved to maximize the beneficial side and neutralize the danger they pose to the American society as well as to the whole world.