Business Plan Letter

Dear Sir or Madam,

I am writing to you in order to express my sincerest desire to be a part of your company. I consider Apple, Inc. as one of the most outstanding and entrepreneurial companies in the world. There is no doubt that Apple products are very popular all over the world. Your corporation has many loyal clients that are ready to spend considerable sums of money in order to follow the Apple innovations. Moreover, I can definitely say that I am also an absolutely loyal client of Apple products. I consider them as very qualitative, stylish, and easy to use. In addition, I have been studying the information regarding your company and have discovered that it has a strong corporate culture. That is why it is one of the most desired places to work as for me. To prove that my enterprise skills could benefit your organization, the letter is aiming at the examination of the Apple, Inc. business plan.

The Apple Company is the successful representative of the high tech industry. It produces smart phones, laptops, personal computers, tablets, smart watches, and original software for aforementioned products. In spite of the high industry rivalry, Apple, Inc. is holding rather strong position in the industry. However, there are some issues significant for the further development. Corporation could implement fresh and innovative approaches that would be beneficial for the development of some company issues and increase the amount of competitive advantages. Thus, it is important to examine the business plan.

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Organization Structure

Organizational structure of Apple is rather unique and innovative regarding HR studies. The Apple Company is using the corporate structure that does not have many subordinate levels. Each division of the company is ruled directly by the CEO and the Vice President of the department (Yarow). The Apple, Inc. executives are well-qualified and professional people in different spheres. Specifically, Angela Ahrendts is a Senior Vice President of the Retail, Eddy Cue occupies the position of Senior Vice President of Internet Software and Services, Craig Federighi is a Senior Vice President of Software Engineering, Jonathan Ive occupies a position of a Chief Design Officer, Luca Maestri is a Senior Vice President and Chief Financial Officer, Dan Riccio works as a Senior Vice President of Hardware Engineering, etc (Apple, Inc.).

The board of directors also has considerable impact on the company’s main concepts of development and the core strategy. Among them are Alan Dye, Steve Dowling, Richard Howarth, Lisa Jackson, Tor Myhren, Joel Podolny, and Denise Young Smith (Apple, Inc.). Thus, such wide HR organizational structure gives an opportunity for the company to have close communications between the divisions, board of directors, and the top management.

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SWOT Analysis


The first and most important strength of the Apple, Inc. is the strong financial situation of the company. The Apple Corporation is the US number 1 company according to the profitability level (Forbs). Due to the fact that the corporation has successfully performed on the market for a long time, management can spend much of financial resources on the research and development process. In such a way, the company has an opportunity to develop new products and acquire additional competitive advantages. One more important benefit of the company is the strong position of the iPhone on the market. This product makes the brand more stable and sustainable to any negative fluctuations on the market.

Another important strength of the company is the fact that the corporation has rather string corporate culture and it is one of the most desired places to work for by many highly qualified workers (Craig). The fourth strength of the company that is one of the most important is high number of clients loyal to Apple products. The company has high level of goodwill and many customers prefer Apple products also because of the well-known brand name. Consequently, it makes the company stable despite any external fluctuations on the market.


As for the weaknesses of the company, some products of Apple Corporation repeat the functions of each other to some extend. For example, Apple Watch, iPhone, iPod, and iPad have many functions in common, multimedia mainly. Consequently, some customers prefer choosing only one Apple Product. Another weakness of the company is the original operating system of Apple called IOS. Many users consider it as much weaker comparing to the competitors; for instance, it is not as flexible and versatile as Android OS. Consequently, customers often give the preference to the competitors’ products. According to the statistics, 80% of the US operational system users are using Android operating system. On the contrary, the usage of IOS captures only approximately 10% (IDC).

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There are many opportunities open to the Apple Company. First of all, there is the increasing popularity of electronic personal devices. That is why the company has a possibility to increase the level of the market share making their products more personalized. In addition, the strong and constant technological development provides the company with an opportunity of new innovations and improvements of the existing products.


As for the threats, there is considerable risk of the high level of competition on the high-tech market. There is a considerable industry rivalry and strong competition on the market, since many companies offer similar range of products. There are such powerful companies as Samsung, Lenovo, Dell, Asus, Acer, HP, Huawei, and others who can compete with Apple in the industry.

Sales and Marketing Plan

According to the statistical data, Apple Corporation is rather strong and well-developed. The company occupies the 7th place in the United Stated according to the sales level (Forbes). Apple Inc. holds the amount of sales at the level of $217.48 billion per year which is rather high and considerable number.

As for the marketing plan, managers target the Apple products at both men and women with upper-middle and high levels of income from 28 to 45 years old who are engaged in business or are running active way of life. The products range covers rather diversified list of offers. The company offers iPad tablets, media players called iPod, smart watches iWatch, iPhone smart phones, and laptops called MacBook; technical gadgets run on IOS or Mac operating systems. In addition, the company has developed its own media platform called iTunes and offers range of accessories to the electric products.

As for the pricing strategy, the Apple Company is using the value-based pricing strategy. This kind of strategy deals with the price level set depending on the customers’ perception of the brand (Magloff). From the one side, it supports the overall strategy of the company, namely offering the luxury electronic appliances. From the other one, it gives the products of Apple the opportunity to settle rather high profit margin which creates high profitability level. As for the promotion strategy, the Apple Company applied all available marketing tools for the product promotion, namely advertisement, social media promotion, direct marketing, sales promotion, public relations development, and others. The promotional tools give an opportunity to make the customers aware of new products launch, increase their popularity, and maintain the leading position of the goods that have been on the market for a long time.

How It Works

Manufacturing, Distribution, and/or Operations

The manufacturing process is extremely important for the Apple Corporation. First of all, any product should be developed properly from the technological and design points of view. All the possibilities of usage should be predicted. In addition, the manufacturing process needs to assure high quality of the products delivered to the customers in order to maintain the main competitive advantage of Apple which is high quality level. Another part of the manufacturing and organizational process is human resources. Considering the fact that the products create the innovative and high-tech industry, the workers have to examine and learn all the peculiarities of production.

Regarding the distribution process, the Apple products have both direct and indirect distribution channels. According to the direct distribution process, traders sell the products in the Apple stores where the professional consultant have an opportunity to provide enough explanations regarding the product and its usage. Such way provides customers with much of control and elements of direct marketing. In addition, customers can leave the feedback to which company can effectively react within the direct distribution strategy. According to the indirect distribution strategy, the Apple products can reach large geographic coverage. Thus, the direct and indirect distribution strategies provide an opportunity to reach high effect of synergy and effective distribution within the Apple company.

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Currently, the company is running rather effective financial management. The statists estimate the corporation to be $752 billion worth which is a rather considerable number for any company (Forbes). Experts consider Apple to be the most valued brand in the world which is the highest level of success and appreciation (Forbes). The annual cash flow of Apple Inc. is $217.48, which is also rather high and gives an opportunity to forward the financial expenditures on the further developments and new products launch (Forbes).

Risk Management

Executives have to control the risk management precisely, especially during the new product launch while maintaining the existing ones on the market. There are many threats that may negatively influence the company and result in considerable financial losses and new projects failures in general, especially the innovations of competitors as mentioned afore. One of the main Apple risk management purposes it to predict and avoid the effect rival corporations may have. The top managers have to execute deep marketing research in order to determine the market prospective, customers’ preferences, and industry opportunities. In addition, they have to develop a detailed marketing plan taking into account all small peculiarities that may have influence on the projects’ success. Apple Inc. managers have to determine all the possible risks and threats, evaluate and prevent them from happening by being the first company to present innovations. In addition, it is important to put the emphasis on the flexibility of the marketing strategy and marketing plan in order to use this versatility as soon as any threats arise. Thus, the risk management needs to be applied a special attention in order to make new projects more likely to succeed.

Measuring Success (SMART Targets)

The success measurement is an important part of the business plan. However, in order to measure the success level, corporation has to determine the list of target goals. According to the claim of the Apple’s CEO, the company is planning to double its revenue by 2020. Thus, Apple Inc. is targeting the following goals according to Balakrishnan:

  1. Increase the revenue level in two times by the end of 2020;
  2. Increase the level of customers’ loyalty per 15 % by the end of 2018;
  3. Introduce to the market the new iPhone 8 by the autumn of 2017;
  4. Increase the level of public relations per 10% by the end of 2018;
  5. Increase the employee’s level of satisfaction per 10% by the end of 2018.

All the settled goals are rather hard to reach, although the company is usually very stable at target reaching. The managers have to provide success measuring comparing the real state of project implementation with the planned results. In addition, it is significant to apply the regular control to implement the business plan changes in case of any fluctuations in order to ensure the final goal reach.

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Summary & Recommendations

Thus, for me Apple Company is a desired corporation to cooperate with. I consider it as one of the most entrepreneurial, innovative, and developed in the world. The Apple products are targeting both men and women with upper-middle and high levels of income from 28 to 45 years old who are engaged in business or are running active way of life. Moreover, it has the unique and effective organizational structure. According to the SWOT analysis, the strengths and opportunities outweigh the weaknesses and threats. The company uses direct and indirect distribution strategy and the value-based pricing management. The corporation is financially strong and prosperous, which gives an opportunity for the further successful development on the global market.

As for personal recommendation, there is also an improvement to offer to the Apple Company, which is developing absolutely innovative and new product, namely iCar device. The vehicle equipment that synchronizes with the iPhone, iPad, and iWatch would provide the customers with an opportunity to operate all the processes, including business, easily while driving. The offered device would give more comfort and effect of synergy of all available Apple products for the users. Due to large number of vehicle drivers among the Apple customers, there is no doubt that the product would be in high demand.

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