Benefits of Electronic Communication Tools in Family Sized Firm

Electronic communication is a modern way to manage communication between employees in the family sized firms. It is used to transfer different types of data and information in a form of text messages, audio and video or imagery. In fact, it was revealed in the end of the 20th century and has a growing acceptance among family sized firms.

Indeed, in the 21st century family sized firms started to communicate over the Internet through the electronic mailing systems and its numerous alternatives. The purpose is to convey different messages based on the interests of companies and their customers. Electronic communication has become a bridge between the communication in personal and professional lives of employees in the family sized firms.

Another example would be to take advantage of the electronic communication tools in terms of using the electronic mail to send out messages within the company. Currently, it is considered to be one of the best means of communication over the Internet. It is the most preferred by the vast majority of employees in the family sized firms (Boyes & McCormick 13).

Many companies benefit from electronic communication tools by interacting with customers through the website by authorizing their details. For example, if the goods and /or services are sold and intended to be purchased online with a credit card, electronic communication tools are indispensable to control the payment process (Couldry 6).

At the same time, electronic communication tools could be used to protect the companies and / or individual entrepreneurs from fraudulent transactions. The system is set up in the way to use the details of customers entering the billing data to prevent personal identity theft. In addition, such electronic tools are considered for every online mechanism that controls the process of communication through the text messages (Preece 33).

In all, the technological progress has changed the way employees deal with each other due to the extensive use of electronic communication tools. In other words, such tools have created the world with almost no boundaries of communication owing to the most popular appliances of electronic communication (Griessmair & Koeszegi 19).

In fact, such modern electronic technologies have become affordable for almost every family sized firm in the world. As a result, advanced electronic communication devices have changed the way family sized firms deal with information. For example, it is now possible to transmit all the imaginable data in files and over the messages in the Internet (Rogers 21).

Therefore, the benefits of using electronic communication tools in family sized firms have no visible limits. Indeed, employees benefit from electronic communication tools all over the world. Such tools have almost covered the entire planet with various methods of online communication (Thurlow, Lengel & Tomic 12).

Types and Benefits of Electronic Communication in Family Sized Firm

There are over fifty types of conventional electronic communication tools that are used in the family sized firms. The purpose of using such communication tools is to provide high quality communication with an instant access and no delays with replies. It is important to distribute the information accurately and at the high speed.

For example, in case there is a need to distribute information to the group of employees, auto-responder is a perfect electronic communication tool to meet such needs. In addition, the corporate websites, personalized blogs and forums or electronic newsletters are essential to emphasize the information among employees. At the same time, the firms take advantage of using the video conferencing software, electronic meeting systems, web publishing, and white boarding to broadcast the highly valuable information internationally.

Another example of electronic communication tools is the e-books that are used to educate employees on the job. For instance, the workers can read electronic brochures to get an idea about the family sized firms and their products. In fact, many firms speed up the process of learning in the company by creating CDs and DVDs for home education.

One more example of electronic communication tools is the ability to communicate with the help of instant messaging system. In other words, the family sized firms can save time for work by using the electronic and web chat systems. For example, Skype allows employees to communicate easily over the Internet. Besides, its services are affordable for the vast majority of family sized firms (Houser, Fleuriet & Estrada 12).

In addition, electronic communication tools allow family sized firms to conduct electronic surveys and questionnaires to gather information from employees. At the same time, employees can vote for any innovation to determine whether it is effective for the family sized firms. A different way of communication is through emails and email campaigns that allow family sized firms to manage their online resources for the team members (Couldry 10).

Finally, electronic communication tools allow firms to manage SMS campaigns in case there is a need to announce any event or inform about the news of the company. Such tools are also irreplaceable if there is a need to send a fax, use the IP telephony, email any medium of information or leave a voice mail.

As a final point, in the current digital age, it is impossible to run any firm without its presence in the social networks. Therefore, the employees are required to work with Facebook and Twitter, Internet and multiple sources of advertising (Houser, Fleuriet & Estrada 18).

Electronic Communication Tools in Family Sized Firm

Electronic communication tools not only serve as a powerful channel of communication, but they also provide family sized firms with many interactive options. For example, electronic communication allows employees to combine messages, imagery, sound and video into one source, which significantly increases the value of communication (Rogers 23).

Electronic tools made interaction more efficient by allowing employees to be more active in conversations. The evolution of communication gives even more options for family sized firms such as managing video conferences with many employees at the same time. In other words, such interactivity allows family sized firms to organize their work more efficiently.

For example, in terms of online interactions, firms tend to use video training more often in order to provide employees with highly valuable information. In particular, the target audience can benefit from the content of the conference. The family sized firms create a favorable way of advertising its products and / or services to the public and generate more sales (Boyes & McCormick 20).

In addition, it is possible to allow the sponsors take an active part in communication and provide employees with feedback on their questions online. Therefore, electronic communication tools have become an excellent opportunity for family sized firms to grow rapidly due to the availability of online communication. In other words, companies use electronic communications to market their products and / or services through the Internet (Griessmair & Koeszegi 25).

One of the ways to improve public relations of the family sized firms is by empowering them to engage employees through communication. In such a way, the family sized firms can enhance electronic communications to boost team work and generate respectable profit margins. For example, in project management it is now possible to share different files and documents to manage meetings and provide better results for the customers (Preece 34).

The opportunities of the Internet allow family sized firms to transmit information in large amounts. Such process goes smoothly for the family sized firms and helps to improve the level of communication in both directions. For example, the companies can use electronic communication tools with the purpose to educate employees by offering more activities during communication (Thurlow, Lengel & Tomic 19).

It is assumed that the abundance of electronic communication tools that exist today will advance over time. The next fifty years of technological progress promise to be more beneficial for the family sized firms. The idea is to simplify the means of online communication. However, it is arguable whether family sized firms are ready for such a level of involvement during interaction (Griessmair & Koeszegi 29).

Overall Benefits of Electronic Communication Tools

The benefits of electronic communication tools are quite challenging. Such tools allow delivering information immediately. The virtual conferencing and online meetings deserve a wide popularity among firms. In parallel, electronic communication tools are used to connect the personal and professional interests of employees.

The purpose is to balance life and work by using the benefits of electronic communications. For example, all kinds of communication could be recorded for future. It could also be shared electronically with other employees through the Internet. The following are the most challenging benefits that bring the most advantages for work in the family sized firms (Houser, Fleuriet & Estrada 22).


The mobile communications technologies allow employees to have their laptops and cell phones everywhere. Thus, the workers can always get in touch with their managers and other co-workers. For example, employees can easily work in the public cafes while travelling. This brings a great productivity and encourages employees to work more effectively and professionally by using the electronic communication tools.


Electronic communication tools are rather instantaneous as it takes minimum time to communicate through the electronic media. For example, in case there is a need to send an email or fax a document, it can be done safely and takes almost no time. In fact, using these communication tools is simple and could be managed at a very high speed as it supports quick transmission. This is often needed on the job when a manager requests for the files that are not in the office.


Using cellphones is convenient as there is no need to use landline phones anymore. It does not matter whether employees are at home or work, it is possible to reach anybody as well as get in touch with other employees or managers if needed. For example, in case of a meeting, employees could be late or have difficulties finding the way. In this case, the cell phone is an ideal tool to use as it is convenient to solve the problem on the phone.


It is common that nowadays many employees live in the countryside. In this case, it is easier to contact a particular worker despite the distance. One of the electronic tools to use is Skype. In fact, it allows saving much money as employees only pay for the Internet services. Today, Skype technologies allow employees to communicate with groups of managers and / or customers using video conferencing. For example, in case employees work from home, Skype is an ideal solution to replace communication for the family sized firms.


Today, the vast majority of employees consider communication as one of the most important elements for the family sized firms where the frequency of contacts makes a great difference. For example, in the past, employees did not have the possibility to work at home for personal reasons. They used to spend more time going back and force to the job, which could not replace the actual working environment and overall communication within family sized firms.

In parallel, today employees tend to email each other more often, they prefer calling one another or chatting online using Skype technologies. Therefore, in the 21st century employees can communicate more often and get more contacts to interact over the Internet. For example, the managers who work in a different location can contact each other more frequently. The employees can interact using various instant messaging services to agree the workload and performance.


Today, it is important to be attentive to the natural resources as this is the environment that employees in the firms interact with most of the time. For example, it is more comfortable to use an email with an electronic card rather than to send a letter to congratulate a person. In other words, the paper will be thrown to the rubbish disposal and may not even be recycled, which has a strong negative impact on the environment. In contrast, an e-card will be stored electronically while it will be memorable and easy to locate if needed. It will also never get damaged, which is important so that employees could remember the attention they pay to each other while working in the family sized firms.

Safety and security

In the world of traffic jams, it is difficult not to be late. This is the reason why many employees are being late on the job. In the past, it was not possible to inform the managers in advance and postpone a meeting. Nowadays, employees can simply call without using a public phone and inform about being stuck in the traffic jam. This is the means of being safe and secure as employees can protect themselves by calling in case of being late for the job.

Instant access

Regular emails are delivered almost instantly, but it takes time to get a reply. In parallel, an electronic communication tool such as instant message services allows employees to have a tireal me conversation within family sized firms. In fact, they are not expensive as phone calls and do not take much time to be replied. In other words, the employees can get feedback at once during the online conversation during the working hours.


All the means of communication such as text messages, video, audio, imagery, etc. could be stored permanently and / or temporary on hard drives or any other media. In other words, family sized firms can always retrieve a particular file which is related to the working requirements.


Many employees today have friends and / or colleagues all over the family sized firms, and it would have been difficult to communicate with all of them without the electronic communication tools. In fact, employees send emails, use social media networking and instant messages to contact their colleagues and managers.

Internationality and wide coverage

Internet is a global electronic communication tool that allows unlimited employment options for the family sized firms. For example, not all the skills and qualifications of employees are often demanded in the place of living. The way out is to work remotely as the global cobweb allows sharing information and family sized firms can work with numerous employees distantly. This offers a great number of benefits for family sized firms to work by means of digital communication appliances.


The family sized firms have already accustomed to the electronic communication tools. The vast majority of employees on the planet use different means of communication, including emails, text messages, social networking, websites, etc. Therefore, the abundance of such communication tools offers numerous benefits for the family sized firms (Thurlow, Lengel & Tomic 24).

In particular, family sized firms utilize the vast majority of electronic communication tools. The reasons are simple and reasonable as electronic communications create interactivity during conversations. In fact, these tools engage employees and managers equally online as if they were in the office (Houser, Fleuriet & Estrada 25).

The benefits of electronic communications in family sized firms include fast transition of information online, ability to revise the messages and different files, instant replies and feedback, ability to interact with employees and managers through video conferencing solutions, private communications, video options, accuracy of data and information, positive atmosphere due to the number of graphical support, etc.

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