Analyzing Diversity in Organizations

free essayIn the modern globalized world, cultural aspects of society play important roles in various domains of human activity. In this sense, contemporary businesses and organizations greatly depend on the level of the cultural competence of their practitioners. This aspect is important because the globalized community is extremely diverse including people of various age, gender, and ethnicity. Along with the assurance of the constitutional rights of every citizen to have a job disregarding one’s ethnicity, companies should be attractive regarding their value of diversity. Modern community greatly depends on the technology where websites represent small businesses, governments, corporations, and other entities. Therefore, it is important for companies to maintain the outlook of a community, which respects various ethnical groups. Likewise, such outlook should communicate the preparedness for giving any position depending on the skills of an applicant. On the contrary, websites, which raise questions of diversity malpractice, undermine their positions being either less attractive or ignored.

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Reasoning the Research

Before performing actual analysis of the website, it is important to identify diversity and approve its reliability regarding modern business practices. The social issue is tightly intertwined with social dynamics and such notions as social equality, globalization, discrimination and other. The actual initiation of the processes directed towards a formation of a culturally dissimilar society with equal rights is connected with the adoption of the Civil Rights Act. It assures the availability of work for any person disregarding such aspect as ethnicity. Despite various governmental and non-governmental institutions monitor the degree of ethnic oppression in various communities, it is a duty of any business to create a diverse community. In this sense, diversity is identified as recognition, respect, and value of people’s differences to contribute and realize their full potential (“What Are Equality and Diversity?” 2015). Scholars claim that reaching diversity is a crucial aim of society to assure the survival of the humanity (Bettencourt, 2012). It means that malpractices in this sphere violate fundamental laws of humanity, which indicate that any person requires one’s acceptance by the community. Therefore, companies and organizations should eradicate such practices as limiting power, status, and resources to peculiar groups of people on the basis of their gender, ethnicity or other aspects. Examining diversity in multiple companies allows understanding systemic factors of the flaws of assuring the existence of a multicultural community. Moreover, there is evidence that despite companies spend millions of dollars on the provision of adequate diversity policies, the society is characterized by the presence of certain problems. For instance, in 2014, men held 94.8% of Fortune 500 CEO positions opposed to 5.2% of women positions among which 95% were held by Whites (Block & Noumair, 2015). Similarly, scholars claim that “when women and people of color are in positions of authority, racial and gender dynamics often undermine leadership and derail organizational initiatives” (Block & Noumair, 2015). That is why the analysis of the issue regarding the website of a company or institution enhances the understanding of typical mistakes in this field. Additionally, it would reveal certain positive or negative tendencies in the characterized sphere, which allow providing relevant diversity policies. The examples of such companies and organizations should serve as a role model for other entities. Consequently, the performed research adds to the scope of the positive practices, which help to establish a socially developed and varied multicultural society.

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The Analysis of the Website

The website chosen for the analysis is the site of Luther College (“Luther College: An Iowa College in the Liberal Arts Tradition”, n.d.), located in Decorah, Iowa, as reveals the latest tendencies regarding diversity in the sphere of education. The analysis of diversity-related materials of this institution demonstrates that its administration, students, and teachers shape a diverse community. The home page of Luther College has a direct link to a Diversity Center, which means that this aspect is of crucial importance for the institution. This section of the website discusses the definitions of diversity, stresses the importance of the intercultural communication and the value of coexistence in a diverse ethnic community (“What Is Diversity?” n.d.). These characteristics indicate that the educational institution is not only aware of the issue of diversity but raises the awareness of it among its stakeholders. Furthermore, the search for word “diversity” in the search inbox of the website yielded 7.080 results sorted by relevance. In the majority of cases, the results led to the diversity center. However, one should note that among the sections, which are characterized by the presence of this issue, are HR department and employment vacancies. These results indicate that Luther College actively supports the policy of building an assorted society. Thus, its mission is defined as “As people of all backgrounds, we embrace diversity and challenge one another to learn in community, to discern our callings and to serve with distinction for the common good” (“Guidelines for Staff Diversity in Employment,” n.d.). Therefore, the College seeks a different staff to fulfill its mission statement. Thus, the peculiar feature of this website is that it enhances the understanding of the need for creating a varied society. Such approach is communicated by means of adequate visual presentation of the issue as well as the absence of the need for a deliberate search for it.

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Moreover, the characterized presentation of the mission statement of the college is useful when observed from a perspective of potential employees, sponsors, and students. The most relevant reason for it is that the representative of any ethnical community or gender may apply to the college to become a student. Likewise, specialists in the sphere of education may apply for a job at this institution disregarding their ethical origin or gender. Moreover, the message of the successful implementation of the policies enhancing social and cultural diversity is sent through the graphic materials of the website (Figure 1).

Thus, the home page of Luther College contains photographs of students and teachers, which represent various ethnical groups and gender. That is why, a person, who visits this website for the first time immediately notices that the education process does not oppress any gender or ethnical group. Moreover, the image of the diverse community is supported with the most part of the analyzed web pages. Such sections as academics, student life, sports or music have photos of African American, Hispanic, Caucasian and other representatives of ethnical communities of various age and gender. Likewise, a peculiar feature of the site is presenting visual information in a form of a slideshow. Thus, each photo presents different representatives of students and teachers as personalities, which study and work with pleasure actualizing their skills and enjoying the benefits of such community.

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The above-described aspects allow experiencing positive feelings and expectations of the represented community from a perspective of a potential student or an employee. The reason for it is a skillful presentation of material, which intrigues a person about a wide scope of benefits of being involved in a dissimilar community. The site encourages positive attitudes towards the perspective of a creation of a diverse society as well as being its active participant. Consequently, the experiences based purely on the content of the website of Luther College encourage applying for a job or study there. The skillful and adequate presentation of the materials relevant to the issue of diversity assures that Luther College has a beneficial community and is proud of it. Additionally, it is evident that the obtained prominence of diversity issue was achieved due to the presence of adequate internal management issues. Thus, the individuals responsible for the creation and administration of the website located diversity-related materials in such a way that they represent a happy intercultural community.

The analysis of the website has revealed a presence of diversity-related awards presented on the website. Despite they do not have awards for the implementation of a diverse policy, they represent one more aspect, which positively characterizes Luther College. Thus, among the enlisted alumni awards of the college are Distinguished Service Award, Young Alumni Award, Spirit of Luther Award and Athletic Hall of Fame (“Alumni Awards,” n.d.). The photos and reports of the award winners demonstrate that they are representatives of various ages, gender, and ethnic origin. Therefore, the Luther College website demonstrates a successful implementation of the diversity-enhancing policies.

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Furthermore, there is a need for the analysis of the website from a perspective of a potential job applicant. The applicant is suggested to be a female aged over 55, representing a racial minority, lesbian. The audit of the Luther College website suggests that it assures adequate attitude towards gender, racial, age and sexual issues. The latest presumption is supported by the statement taken from a health service policy of the institution. Thus, it stresses that “People who are lesbian, gay, bisexual, or transgender (LGBT) are members of every community. They are diverse, come from all walks of life, and include people of all races and ethnicities, all ages, all socioeconomic statuses, and from all parts of the United States” (“Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender,” n.d.). Along with it, the statements of the health service policy of Luther College assure its support to people with disabilities. Consequently, from the perspective of the identified person, Luther College is one of the best places to work in the case one is concerned about working in a dissimilar society. Moreover, the policy of the characterized educational establishment identifies that it accepts people from different geographic locations, family status, religion, and native language. The only aspect that is doubtful is education since applying for a job or as a student of this institution imposes some obligations in terms of adequate education and qualification. Therefore, Luther College is characterized by its website as a diverse community, which is beneficial for any person disregarding one’s primary or secondary dimensions of diversity.

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Summarizing the presented information, the paper comes to a conclusion that the analyzed website gives a complete picture of a diverse community present at Luther College. This statement is supported by different verbal and visual information, which explores the presence of diverse representatives of a community. These individuals study, work, develop their abilities and actualize themselves in various life domains. Moreover, the analysis of HR and health care policies of the institution presented on the website indicate that they provide the creation of a diverse community. Consequently, every analyzed aspect of the website assures adequate implementation of its mission statement, which is serving society with the support of a diverse community. Further investigation of the website from a perspective of an employee applicant identified its adequate policing regarding individuals of different age, race, and gender as well as numerous secondary factors. Lastly, the Luther College website may serve as a model for organizations, which aim at reaching adequate presentation of the issue of diversity.