Amazon Status on Customer Service, Marketing and Organizational Responsiveness

free essayAmazon is a well-known American multinational electronic trading organization headquartered in Seattle, Washington, the United States. It is the biggest worldwide internet company. started as a form of an online bookshop, however, the framework of the bookstore interspersed in a short while, as the company began marketing DVDs, CDs, VHSs, different video games, MP3, video streaming and downloads, various software, electronic components, equipment, appointments, meals, playthings and bijouterie. In addition, the company also creates and issues consumer electronics, particularly Amazon Kindle e-book readers, Kindle Fire tablets, Fire TVs and Fire Phones (Byers, 2007). Furthermore, is known to be a main procurer of various cloud-computing services. As the company attributes its success to all customers, it is highly important to analyze the company overall status on customer service, marketing and organizational responsiveness.

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Amazon Status on Customer Service

According to the hindmost outputs taken from the American Customer Satisfaction Index, the is believed to be prevailing predominant and apparent leader in both Internet retailing and amongst the whole section of general customer satisfaction. continues to ascertain the norms for customer contentment, in accordance with the “eighth-annual report Holiday E-Retail Satisfaction Index disclosed by customer experience analytics firm ForeSee” (Baldacci, 2013). has had the highest scores in the index for eight years in a line, systematically establishing a tempo that all other retailers are not able to sustain. Jeff Bezos, who is the main CEO of, has probably more than any other company headman perceived and accepted the philosophy and the notion of genuinely taking care for customers and introduced it into the digital era as such. Bezos has created a company from the ground up with philosophy of catering the customers in all spheres and departments. has approximately 164 million customers and highly limited number of them would argue Jeff Bezos as the major creator of instituting an original, customer-oriented company (Baldacci, 2013). The status on customer service is based on four pillars. Firstly, the company not only listens to the customers, but also understands them. The company employees, including Jeff Bezos and thousands of managers are supposed to attend two-day call-center trainings. The main issue for all managers goes about being directly lodged in Amazon philosophy, which insists on listening, and most crucially, apprehension of the customer. It is aptly to listen to the customers. However, the first criterion for each employee is to apprehend them and their requirements to successfully improve the overall customer service. Secondly, it is important to serve all the requirements of customers. In fact, The Kindle tablet appeared in the market being originally outlined according to customers inclinations rather than engineers and individual inclinations (Baldacci, 2013). Company leaders must never deviate from the well-know fact that the customers pay the wages at any company. Thus, they define the things, which they need and the company has to work in order to serve them. Prior to the following evaluations of a product or service team, stops thinking about how the company can make the product better and starts thinking about how to make their customers more successful and contented. Third main aim of is to respect the company current customers. If the customer appears to be unhappy in the physical world, they will each tell approximately six friends and acquaintances about this fact. However, if the customer is unhappy on the Internet, each of them will announce about 6,000 of their friends (Baldacci, 2013). The current customer listens to peers, researches for the information online and posts complaints on social media services. It is highly significant to be able to answer all online complaints in order not to spoil company reputation. Thus, it is important not to be afraid of apologizing for some mistakes or problems. Finally, strives to create a customer-oriented and customer-centric company. All departments throughout Amazon are fundamentally data-driven grounded on the favorable outcomes and fiascos of the customer practice (Baldacci, 2013). It allows the company to risk in order to renovate and carry complicated resolutions as has specific warrants, which help to decide what is best for the customers and eventually, what is best for the whole organization. In an interview provided in Forbes magazine, Bezos commented of his customer-oriented “We don’t focus on the optics of the next quarter; we focus on what is going to be good for customers. I think this aspect of our culture is rare” (Rao, 2011).

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Marketing Strategy of Amazon

Due to the fact that is focused on serving the customers, all marketing strategies and overall marketing status is influenced by the above-mentioned fact. Company marketing strategy is based on six pillars (Lipton, 2011). Firstly, the company openly offers outrun and attendance. Secondly, utilizes a customer-oriented interface. Thirdly, the company scales aptly from small issues to large ones. Fourthly, operates with its chapter outruns and assets. Fifthly, the organization utilizes existent communication systems. Finally, the company takes into account behaviors and mentality on a global scale (Lipton, 2011). Amazon acknowledges that the company “directs customers to our websites primarily through a number of targeted online marketing channels, such as our Associates program, sponsored search, portal advertising, email marketing campaigns, and other initiatives” (Rao, 2011). The majority of Amazon marketing is subconscious or oblique, as the company reckons on artful online tactics, solid partner relations and an immutable declaration of quality to market itself to the customers. Thus, commercial operations of concentrate on marketing and the following service. It means that the company aims at decoying customers, while creating perfect image for the organization. The marketing status demonstrates that has the highest rates of customer devotion in the U.S. (Lipton, 2011). It includes hesitance to switch to other organization, willingness to purchase more products from and willingness to counsel it to other people.

Organizational Responsiveness in Amazon

The major factor of customers perception of the e-service quality online shopping is organizational responsiveness (Byers, 2007). One of the keys to service quality is an elevated degree of organizational responsiveness provided by the customer service department. The department based in Seattle, Washington, handles complaints from both domestic and international customers. The department is provided with a great level of ascendency to resolve all customer complaints. holds a good reputation of excellent customer service provider due to its fast responsive system. Nevertheless, a weakness of is slow response of the company web site. concentrates on all spheres of their supply chain, incorporating the inventory management, which actually helps to improve their customer services by decreasing the response time and quick shipment of their products (Baldacci, 2013). On the other hand, the company has a web site particularly designed for mobile devices. The desktop of the sire resizes up to the mobile device, changing the texts and images, which reposition in a case when a customer shrinks the window (Gunelius, 2013). The company enjoys a status of customer service leader and marketing and organizational responsiveness. The only improvement, which can be recommended, is creation of responsive web design.

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