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free essayBusiness administration cannot be applied without employing the control theory. The effectiveness of a leader depends on his/her ability to select the style of management and to communicate with subordinates. According to Hersey and Blanchard’s theory, leader’s success depends on an adequate choice of leadership style, which should match the group members’ maturity. In this context, maturity means the ability and willingness of group members to be responsible. This concept has two components: the professional and psychological ones. The first aspect covers the employees’ knowledge and skills. Psychological maturity is based on desire or motivation. People, who are mature psychologically, do not require external stimulation and encouragement, they are motivated internally.

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Hersey and Blanchard separate two leadership styles: people-oriented and task-oriented. By combining different expressions of these approaches, they classify four specific styles. Using the directing style, a leader defines the employees’ roles and specifies what, how, when and where they should do. The coaching approach is characterized with a strong focus both on the problem and on people. Using the supporting style, a leader and subordinates jointly participate in decision-making, and the former plays the role of moderator. Employing the delegating style, a leader carries out the minimum control and supports his/her subordinates (Hersey, Blanchard, & Johnson, 2000).

According to the model, the behavior of the leader directly depends on the group’s maturity. Subordinates who achieved higher levels of effective behavior are characterized with reduced leader’s control and impact on the system of the interpersonal relationships. At the first stage of maturity, subordinates require clear and specific guidance. In the second phase, the leader has to demonstrate a high orientation on the task and people. At the third stage, motivation becomes the main problem. In the last phase, a leader has no need for active influence on subordinates because they are already able to work without additional supervision thanks to highly professional motivation.

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Based on Vroom-Jago model, the degree of involvement of subordinates in decision-making process depends on the complex of characteristics of the problem. They include the leader’s and subordinates’ awareness of the issue, their professionalism, the probability of conflict between employees and the structure of issue. Depending on the situation, this model offers five styles of management. They are autocratic I, autocratic II, consultative I, consultative II and collaborative (Vroom & Jago, 2007).

In a situation where Kevin McCarthy entrusted his subordinates with resolving the issue on their holidays, he did not consider the possibility of conflict between employees’. That is why he chose the wrong management style. Based on the Vroom-Jago model logic, he chose the collaborative approach but, probably, advisory style would have been more appropriate to accommodate the wishes of employees without harming the company.

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With regard to the new dimensions of workers’ productivity concerning this issue, they have proven to be a mature team. In this situation, according to the model of Hersey and Blanchard, Mr. McCarthy chose delegating management style. He did not control his workers and left them alone to make a decision. In my opinion, it was the right choice. Employees were sufficiently aware of the affairs of the company and made a right decision. Intrinsic motivation for the firm’s development and, accordingly, growth of their earnings was enough to make a choice that would give profits. At the same time, Kevin McCarthy managed to maintain the respect and friendly relations in the team, because the employees themselves have made a decision without any pressure and conflicts.

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In conclusion, it must be said that Kevin’s experiment was not entirely successful. However, if he tries to use other styles of leadership in some situations, it will have a very positive effect on his relationship with the team and the company’s development ass the team members were quite mature to make independent decisions, but sometimes they need leader’s support.

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