Writing the Dissertation Discussion Section

Dissertation discussion is regarded as the most laborious part of the dissertation. In dissertation discussion, or thesis discussion, you are required to discuss and explain the whole process of data collection and clarify why the data was collected in that particular way. You will have to give a positive and decisive analysis of the research findings. This part of your dissertation work may take about a couple of hours to complete.

While writing the dissertation discussion section, you have to adopt a neutral attitude and evaluate your own suggestions. Discussion assumes references to the literature review page and the theoretical base that has already been described and evaluated by you. You have to make the results and their value clear to the audience. The discussion is actually the explanation of outcomes. There is a strong connection between dissertation discussion and results and that is why they are put together and made in the same form.

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You have to know that the goal of explaining the results of your dissertation writing is to transfer them from paper to the real life. Your findings may support or fail to support a suggested decision.  If you predicted wrongly, you have to clarify for that. The discussion should be kept closer to the literature review. Commenting on methodology and highlighting plans for further researches are also necessary. In short, dissertation discussion needs a careful and calculated approach to get the desired results.

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