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There are a vast number of online service providers who offer students help with completing their college assignments. Many boast that their particular services are the best available and are provided by professional writers. But, quite often, many do not support their claims with irrefutable guarantees. Therefore, to avoid accusations of plagiarism which could seriously endanger their academic ambitions, students need to choose their writing service provider carefully. is a service provider that students have come to rely on because of our consistently high quality. This comparison table highlights the differences between our top quality service and services provided by many of our less discerning rivals. Other writing providers
Our objective is to provide a thoroughly professional academic writing service, supported by a continually available customer support team. The quality of our work is irrefutably guaranteed in our terms and conditions of business, as are our guarantees to provide money-back guarantee and full customer confidentiality. Other less discerning writing companies sometimes claim to be US or UK registered business when, in fact, they are based in foreign countries. Many of these do not offer service guarantees in respect of writing standards, refunds, or customer confidentiality.
Our custom written work is 100% authentically and originally created from scratch, so you never risk jeopardizing your academic status by handing plagiarized work to your tutor. Many of our more irresponsible competitors will offer you work that is laden with plagiarism, resulting in low grades or outright expulsion from your academic institution.
We don’t resell papers and, because we write 100% original papers in strict compliance with your instructions, your tutor will never suspect that you didn’t create the work yourself. Unscrupulous service providers often redistribute work that has already been sold to previous students, so there is a strong possibility that the work you receive will arouse the suspicion of your tutor.
Our straightforward pricing system means there are no additional or obscure costs. Many set a price structure that is unacceptably high, meaning you pay over the odds for poor quality work.
Our outstanding writers are mostly educated at MA and Ph.D. levels. So, when you buy a paper from us, there is no danger of you receiving a badly written one. Many of our competitors hire poorly educated and inexperienced writers, some of whom may not even be native English speakers. Their work is unlikely to get you high grades and may even get you expelled.
Our 24×7 customer services team is efficient and helpful and you can contact any of our representatives at any time via live chat, email, or through the toll-free telephone numbers on our website. Some of our less professional online rivals provide substandard customer support, making it difficult for students to monitor the progress of their order because support personnel are hard to contact by live chat, email or telephone.
We offer a facility whereby customers can liaise directly with their writer, so the response is rapid. Many offer inadequate communication between customer and writer, so messages are often severely delayed or not delivered at all.
We are sticklers for punctuality, so you always receive your custom work when you expect it. Where guarantees do not apply, your deadlines are jeopardized.

Although our price range is not the cheapest in our marketplace, we don’t mislead customers by implying it is. Save extra 10% on each and every order by receiving 300 words/page instead of 275 words/page offered by most of the essay writing websites. The highest quality and most professional services are never cheap. It will hardly surprise you to know that highly educated and experienced writers do not provide their services freely or at excessively cheap rates. Our main aim is to provide each student with the highest level of academic assistance when they buy a dissertation from us.

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