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Terms and Conditions

Submitting a Refund Application

  1. An application for a refund can be made within 14 days after the deadline expiry. Claims concerning plagiarized content have no time limits. However, a comprehensive report on plagiarism is to be provided by the customer.

*Turnitin, iThenticate as well as WriteCheck are reliable plagiarism detection tools. References, order parts (questions), table of content, and direct quotations formatted in the right way cannot be regarded as plagiarism. It is not recommended to use SafeAssign.com as it views references/direct quotations as plagiarism. Remarks on plagiarism written by the client are not regarded as credible proof.

  1. If to talk about continuation assignments, no liability is taken by the agency for copied sections provided by the client. Only the parts of text prepared by the writer are analyzed for original content.

  2. If the guidelines were not followed when doing a customer’s assignment, the issue will be examined by the Refund Department. If the writer’s fault is proved, a full/partial refund will be issued. A decision will be provided within 3-4 business days.


  1. Clients are entitled to request a free-of-charge revision within 2 days (48 hours) after the assignment deadline. Otherwise, it will be necessary to provide a compensation order. Future refunds are impossible if the paper is corrected by the writer without compensation.

  2. The time frame for introducing the no cost modifications in the orders including 20+ pages is 30 days after deadline expiration.

  3. If original specifications are modified, a free revision is not to be provided. When major files for the order are attached after the paper is completed (or during the writing stage), our representatives will ask a user to place an extra order to provide the writer with compensation.

  4. When referring to a free revision service, a new time frame as well as revision details are to be issued. A revision may take 24 hours as it can be hard to find another writer or the instructions may be very complex. Anyway, we will do our best to send a customer the revised assignment within the imposed time period.

  5. Customers are asked to log into their profiles/emails not to miss the letters from managers or the writer. The majority of clients forget to send essential information on the order right away. It is solely customer’s duty to provide important files when submitting the order or if writer requires.

  6. It is possible to tick an "Extended Revision" service when filling in the order form. Its cost is just 30% of the paper price. As a result, a free-of-charge revision time frame can be enlarged from 48 hours to 14 days. Nevertheless, original directions should remain the same. If no revision application is submitted, this additional "Extended Revision" fee is not refunded.

A Full Refund

  1. A 100% refund can be received if a client has placed two identical orders or paid twice for the assignment by mistake. Please contact our Support Team to remove an extra order.

  2. A 100% refund is granted if no specialist is assigned to the task.

  3. If a customer gets a complete refund, no papers/documents given by the company can be used in the future under no circumstances.

A Partial Refund

  1. A partial refund can be requested if a client provides mistaken page numbers during order submission. According to the word count requirements, a price percentage will be refunded.

  2. In case the wrong level of writing was picked (e.g., College instead of University), the Refund Department can decline the refund percentage.

  3. When contradicting instructions/comments are given, the refund rate will be reset (e.g., provided files do not comply with the “Order Description” or client’s notifications).

  4. Order cancelling with assigned writer:


Refund percentage

Passed deadline


10-19% of the deadline


20-29% of the deadline


30-39% of the deadline


40-49% of the deadline


50-59% of the deadline


60%+ of the deadline


*A user cannot annul the placed order if there is only 30% of the initial deadline and the writer has already been assigned to the task. Besides, order annulment is impossible if the assignment is done and uploaded by the writer into the system.

Late Verification

  1. In case of late assignment verification (when a client did not respond to the inquiry of the Financial Department to make the required identification to avoid possible online fraud), the deadline for the task completion begins when the required clarifications are provided. Due to the late order confirmation, either a deadline should be lengthen or an additional order is to be placed to reimburse writer’s work on the urgent assignment.

Word Count Issues

  1. According to or rules, pages are counted taking the number of words (300 words per page) into account. Such a standard cannot be applied to technical orders that are comprised of calculations mainly. The order cost will be charged taking the complexity of requirements into consideration.

  2. PowerPoint Presentations. Speaker notes are a paid service and it can be selected when ordering a PowerPoint presentation. 100-150 words of speaker notes per slide are offered by the agency.

  3. Online tests and “multiple choice” questions should be calculated in regard to the number of questions (5) per page (e.g., a client needs to submit a 10-page order if the assignment contains 50 questions).


  1. Reimbursement is to be made when it goes about early delivery of the order. If a user wants to obtain a work before the due date, he/she will be asked to place an extra order and the price will be reset. In case the writer is ready to send the assignment earlier without any compensation, no refund is to be made in the future.

  2. In case of late assignment delivery without customer’s consent for deadline extension, a partial refund can be provided. The price difference will be recomputed referring to the pricing section presented on the web resource.

Order Type

  1. A right paper type should be selected by clients when they use our services (e.g. a customer chose an “Online test” type instead of “Dissertation”). If a customer has not paid for the services, a refund cannot be applied.

  2. A rephrasing of the customer’s file will be made when dealing with “Rewriting” orders. If writing from scratch, alteration of sources, etc. are requested by the user, a compensation order will be required.

  3. Customers are reasonably requested to check their email inbox/personal profile for letters from the Support Members. It is appreciated when clients respond to messages on time especially when it is required to confirm the subject chosen by the writer.

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